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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.


Name: Issy Byrne

Hometown: Stockport

Degree: Sociology

Year: 1st

Campus Involvement: I’m a part of Yoga Society and some other societies I have never turned up to.

Dream Job: To be a teacher. But a really cool teacher. Who does art in her spare time.

Personal Claim to Fame: I once saw Phil Jupitus, the chubby guy off Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

Fun Fact: I once wanted to be a penguin. Seriously.

Favourite Food: Sushi. Love a good bit of sushi. Preferably tuna.

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: Fell off my chair in a seminar.

Where can you be found on a Friday night in Notts?: In Leeds, visiting my boyfriend.


Anna is a 4th year student at the University of Nottingham. She studies American Studies and completed a year abroad at the University of Illinois, USA in 2011/12 where she found her passion for Her Campus by working for Her Campus Illinois as a news editorial intern. After graduating, Anna wishes to pursue her dream of moving to London (or even the US eventually!) and working in something creative and fast-paced, whether it be editing, fashion journalism, PR or publishing. Hobbies (/obsessions) include fashion, shopping, traveling, music and, most importantly, food.