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How to Wear Iconic Fashion Looks from Films and Television

Perhaps it was Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection, Cher Horowitz’s electronic outfit selector, or maybe even Hannah Montana’s spinning wardrobe, but we’ve all admired iconic looks in films over the decades. We’ll show you how to inject that character into your wardrobe, without looking like you just walked off the set.


Cher Horowitz (Clueless, 1995)

This article would be incomplete without Cher. Her wardrobe embodied everything we loved about the 90s, and it seems to be making a comeback. This Topshop tartan jacket and skirt set screams Cher’s iconic checkered two-piece but is a subtler colour for everyday wear than Cher’s bold yellow. Ugh! As if!

Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 1961)

It could be argued that this film is more known for this iconic outfit than it’s actual plot. Audrey’s Givenchy black dress kick started the classic LBD for a night out or formal occasion, a classic outfit that we all go to even now. This look is versatile but for the Holly look, pair it with some sparkly statement jewellery and dark sunglasses. Oh, and don’t forget the croissant.

Baby (Dirty Dancing, 1987)

This outfit worn by Baby may seem simple but is a classic take on the outfit you probably tell your friends you’re wearing to every social event. Of course, it can only be jeans and a nice top. Baby’s style of blouse are everywhere in the shops at the moment. Pairing it with the right jeans and shoes can take you from day to night. Try this one from Missguided. Carrying a watermelon is optional.

Elle Woods (Legally Blonde, 2001)

Anything pink will work for an Elle Woods look. Many of Elle’s pieces seem to be making their appearance in the shops, from pink berets arriving in Topshop to a pink faux fur jacket spotted on ASOS. Incorporating a few of these accessories onto your existing look will help you to channel your inner lawyer. All of these items will look great while you’re doing the bend and snap.


Rachel Green (Friends, Season 1, 1994)

It wasn’t just the hair, the famous ‘Rachel’, in the early seasons of Friends that made her look iconic; it’s the outfits too. To look like Rachel, make sure you get out those denim dungarees, tied front blouses and mom jeans. But it’s this look (see pictured below) that is my personal favourite. Rachel’s high necked cropped jumper and checked skirt is still in fashion today. Marcel the monkey can be safely left in 1994 though.

Joanna Stayton (Overboard, 1987)

It was difficult to choose just one of Goldie Hawn’s looks in this hilarious rom-com. But from browsing the upcoming summer collections, it’s safe to say that retro sunglasses are here to stay. Channel Joanna’s yacht lifestyle with statement retro sunglasses; both River Island and Quay Australia, just to name two, have incorporated this into their collections. Try not to fall overboard though.

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