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How to Save Money This Summer

As we all finish up university work and exams, we may see our social calendars filling up which is brilliant… if you have the money! As we enter the summer months, lots of people will be feeling overwhelmed by the large costs it takes to socialise and enjoy summers as we have done in the past. With Covid-19 overshadowing all of last year’s summer break, and a good chunk of this year’s too, lots of people have gotten used to spending very small amounts of money on socialising. After Boris Johnson postponing the end of lockdown, this summer is still going to look a bit different to that of 2019. However, there are still plenty more options available to members of the public who want to get back out there. For example, this June you can gather at the pub with your mates to watch the football, go shopping with your friends, or you can spend an evening at the cinema with a partner. These are all activities that were not available to us last year and they are also options that involve splashing out the cash. Despite the wallet woes, there are some excellent methods that you can use to help you to save, rather than spend, this summer! 


Top tips 


Get outdoors for activities!

Whilst there are lots of fun events that involve going to indoor venues or shops, in the summer you have the weather on your side! Use this to your advantage and get outside and participate in free activities such as bike rides and hikes. This is a great way to stay active and healthy this summer, whilst also saving some serious money! You can even make up a homemade picnic and make these activities into day trips, this way you also save money on food and drink. 


Garden parties and cocktail nights!

If you want to go out and see your friends this summer, then why not try skipping the bar and having an at-home garden party! This can involve cooking your own food, such as having a BBQ, as this is an excellent way to feed larger groups for cheap. An inexpensive alternative to going to the bar is also to make cocktails at home with your friends. Whilst saving money on costly cocktails, it also gives you the opportunity to try something new and make a cocktail bespoke to your tastes!


Shop second hand for outfits for going out etc.

As bars and eventually clubs, open up to the public, many of us may want to buy some new outfits to wear out. However, this can be an unnecessary cost and also causes waste to accumulate from the outfits you wear once and then throw in the back of your wardrobe. This year try buying your outfits second hand from websites such as Depop, or perhaps go to a local charity shop and thrift some new pieces! This is a great way to save money and also to create looks that are unique!


Exercise outside!

Lots of us want to get fit for summer and thus, we often fork out a lot of cash on gym contracts and exercise classes. In the summer you can skip on the memberships and exercise outdoors! Hiking, biking, running and even at home workout videos are all examples of free options for exercising outside this summer. This is an excellent way to stay fit and get some fresh air, but more importantly, it’s free! 


Staycations in the UK 

Holidays this year are definitely looking different and it seems that the majority of us will not be going abroad this summer. However, this does not have to be a negative thing as domestic holidays can be a lot more reasonably priced! Staycations are a brilliant idea for those of us who want to go somewhere different but don’t want to fork out too much. Try discovering somewhere new that is local to you, you may find some hidden gems. To make this option even cheaper, go with a group of friends and split the cost!


Reduce your waste and sell items 

Most of us have a lot of excess clothes, accessories, books, and all manner of items which we could go through. This summer take some time to organise and sell some of these items for a bit of extra pocket money. Additionally, by de-cluttering your life you can actually see what you own and this ensures you actually use your belongings and reduces the chances of buying something new and unnecessary. 


Plan activities & budget in advance 

By planning your activities and outings in advance you are able to budget your money. This is one of the top tips I would give anyone who is looking to save money this summer as you can organise events accordingly and create allowances for each night out. This means you can take a look at your calendar and decide when is the best time to save a bit of money, and when you can afford to go the extra mile. 


So, whilst you are planning your summer activities this year, why not try out some of these tips and tricks to save yourself any extra cash. Whilst each individual step may seem small, minor changes can add up in big ways! Implementing these small changes can make a big difference in your spending and saving this year. However, please remember to enjoy yourself this summer as it has definitely been a while since many of us have been able to see our friends and family in social settings!

Lucy Tombs

Nottingham '21

I am a final year English & American Studies student at the University of Nottingham. I am a blogger for Her Campus, specialising in Wellbeing and Lifestyle!
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