How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

The difficulty in maintaining a long distant relationship varies from couple to couple. For some, distance is no big deal, knowing their significant other is only a text or a phone call away. For others, the very prospect of potentially ruining their relationship by being so far away from each other, is mortifying and a little discouraging.

In fact, many would agree that long distant relationships are virtually impossible, and a healthy relationship requires the ability to be able to see their other half without the restriction of a huge distance. Well the good news is, this isn't always the case. You can still maintain a healthy relationship with your loved one without seeing them as often as you would like to.

In every relationship communication is key. It's important to stay connected as this helps to maintain a strong emotional bond. Tell him or her how much you miss them, how your day has been, and ask them about theirs too.  Try to keep a positive tone, and remember, you are not the only one who may be feeling the strain of the long distance. Constantly reminding them about how difficult it is will only damage the relationship and make it more difficult to maintain. Support each other and remind them of your loyalty towards them. If you do not communicate this, they won’t realise how much you care!

I'm pretty sure you may both have different schedules, and at times certain events may clash. However, in order to make the relationship work, you have to take time out to have fun together. Plan a day out or a weekend away doing something you'll both enjoy. The more exciting plans you have together, the more enthusiastic you'll both feel about your relationship. Besides, Skype sessions and WhatsApp get a little dull after a while. Get proactive and attempt to see each other as often as possible.

Temptation is one of the main reasons why many long distance relationships fail. In order to avoid this, keep reminding yourself why your relationship is worth it. Yes, there will be one or two temptations, and oh yes, it will be difficult to resist, but try to consider how much your significant other trusts you. It's very likely that you'll feel an immense amount of guilt and regret if you're unfaithful and end up having to terminate a relationship you've put so much work into. Similarly, you're probably expecting loyalty on his/her end. The worst thing you can do is become paranoid, constantly interrogating them and making accusations. If you have doubts, talk about it maturely and openly. Try to promote honesty, and most importantly, trust.

Lastly, expect a few bumps along the road. It won't always be easy and there may be times where you feel like calling it quits. But if you are both willing to learn how to overcome the obstacles together, then I guarantee this will contribute towards a healthy long distance relationship. Try to have reasonable expectations for both yourself and your partner. Every relationship requires hard work and dedication, so don't blame everything on the distance. If it helps, remind yourself why you stayed together in the first place and remember, you can do it!




Edited by Georgina Varley