From Homemade Hockley to The Kitchen on Pelham Street

Many of you will probably have recognise this café as being Homemade Hockley, but earlier this year, new owners revamped both inside and out, to make it The Kitchen on Pelham Street. I made a visit to see what has changed…

From the outside looking in, the layout appears much the same. The fresh, homemade cakes are still in the window to catch your eye and the rough layout of the interior remains the same as you enter. Equally, as you enter, the staff are just as friendly and welcoming as before. The main difference is that now the seating area behind the counter appears so much lighter and open than before, mainly due to the paler colours used for the walls and furniture. Beforehand everything felt quite tightly packed in, but even though the room is no bigger now, there appears to be more space. Having said that though, the café was only about half full when I visited, and with the tables being closer together than before, I could see that if it was full it could get quite cramped as you would be sitting very close to other people. Therefore, visiting mid-morning was a good idea as there was still an atmosphere and quick service, yet it wasn’t claustrophobic and overcrowded.

Photo by Visit Nottinghamshire

As I was visiting mid-morning, I opted for a coffee and a toasted teacake. However, upon reading the menu and seeing some other customers eating, I would definitely be happy to return to try out some of the other breakfast and lunch items on the menu. As well as some of the more standard and traditional items such as a full English breakfast and eggs on toast, The Kitchen offers some more slightly unusual brunch choices such as a chorizo, spinach, egg and potato hash, and also several vegetarian and vegan options including houmous and/or halloumi which make for a refreshing choice compared to other cafes. As for my teacake, it was a generous size and served with jam as well as butter which was again a thoughtful extra touch.  I did however feel slightly disappointed by the lack of cinnamon and mixed spices in it, which I was expecting, although that certainly didn’t stop me from devouring it!

In addition, there are plenty of all-day lunch option on the menu for both children and adults. These mainly comprise of sandwiches and hearty salads, which change every day meaning that there is always variety and the use of seasonal ingredients. This again makes The Kitchen unique and helps to make your meal a little more memorable, instead of just having a sandwich on its own, or with a few slices of cucumber or tomato as you might elsewhere.

Photo by Visit Nottinghamshire

The drinks selection is plentiful, but with nothing that really sets the world on fire, so to speak. For me though this was not a big issue as my caramel latte was delicious and (unlike some coffee shops) it was nice and hot – just how I like it! As well as teas, coffees, and hot chocolate made with a choice of dairy and plant-based milks, The Kitchen offers cold options such as soft drinks and milkshakes, and also alcohol, so there is something for everyone.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to The Kitchen, and I felt comfortable and welcome being there on my own with some uni work (thanks to the free Wi-Fi which is always a bonus). I’m sure it won’t be too long before I am back to try out some more of the menu and maybe treat myself to a cake!