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Her Campus Quiz: What Does Your Music Say About You?

With so many different styles of music and its influence on our fashion to friendship groups, how much does music affect us without us even realizing it? To think, we may actually style ourselves like our favourite artists to the point that different types of headphones can suggest the music genre you’re interested in. Take the quiz to find out what your mannerisms related to music say about you…


1. What is your favourite place to listen to music?

A) In a club

b) On the go

c) At a gig

d) In your room


2. Which is the most appealing?

a) New, Loud and Fast.

b) Fast and Passionate.

c) Loud and Metallic

d) Smooth and Instrumental


3. When people see your iPod what do they usually say?

a) “Oh. Yours is ideal for Pre’s”

b) “So, what’s your favourite artist? You seem to only have singles”

c) “This is on full volume?!”

d) “I’m surprised your iPod doesn’t weigh you down with how much you have on it”.


4. Who do you like most?

a) Kanye West

b) Vampire Weekend

c) Led Zeppelin

d) John Mayer


5. Pick a song you like

a) Love the way you lie – Eminem + Rihanna

b)  Sing – My Chemical Romance

c) Hush – Deep Purple

d) All of Me – John Legend


6. Can you listen to your favourite songs on the radio?

a) All the time!

b) Sometimes

c) Never

d) On a few stations


7. Which of the following activities to you enjoy most?

a) Partying

b) Working out

c) Moshing/Head banging

d) Listening to music


8. It’s Friday night, what are you going to wear to go out?

a) A bodycon dress and platforms

b) Fit and flare dress with flats

c) Ripped jeans and a leather jacket

d) Shorts, shirt and boots


9. Do you download music?

a) No, it’s all on Spotify

b) Maybe I’ll venture onto iTunes

c) My parents already have the CDs

d) Of course! You mean torrenting, right?


10. Which musical instrument is most important?

a) Bass

b) Violin

c) Electric Guitar

d) Acoustic Guitar


Mostly A’s – You are a Musical Moonlighter

Forever hunting for the fresh beat you spend most of your time at clubs having your eardrums clawed at. Your playlists consist of Kiss 101 tracks and the bass will keep everyone up at night. Preferably wearing beats headphones, you keep up with new trends. Your fast paced lifestyle keeps up with your busy schedule.



Mostly B’s – You are a Mainstream Commuter

Music may not be a large factor of your life and is more enjoyable as single tracks when running to morning lectures to keep a steady pace or to wake you up! You’ll listen to most songs, all of varied genres as your friends mention them to you. You’re not fussy and you seem to enjoy all genres and moods.



Mostly C’s – You are a Rock God(des)

Who needs to pay for music when your parents have it all on CD and Vinyl? Your scruffy exterior and constant wearing of headphones suggest that you really enjoy your music loud and proud. Your hair may be messy from the head banging at a gig last night and your room is kitted out to start your own band.



Mostly D’s – You are a Musical Elitist

Much like the Rock God, you don’t necessarily pay for your music but you’re definitely a music hoarder. Your music style ranges throughout the genres and your iPod of choice is the classic. With such appreciation for music, you may play an instrument, but not necessarily sing. All music has a great effect on you and you love finding more music to enjoy whether it’s slow or fast.




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Edited by Jayde Richards

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