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Her Campus Looks Back: Shocking Band Splits

Pop punk fans’ hearts were broken all around the globe a couple of weeks ago when it was revealed that Tom Delonge, guitarist in the mighty Blink 182, had left the band; and the split was anything but amicable. In fact, the remaining two founding members of the legendary trio seem to be pretty bitter about the whole thing, and I can’t really blame them considering it has been revealed Tom hasn’t been the easiest guy to work with since their reunion in 2009. In fact, he’s being a massive pain in the butt, and I don’t blame Mark and Travis for being angry at the guy who really is a child masquerading as a grown man.

So whilst I attempt to get over this heartbreak, I thought I would reminisce about other painful break ups of bands from times gone by.

The first that comes to mind is the one that had 90s girls everywhere literally in hysterics: Take That.

It’s 1995. You’re in your late teens/early twenties. You’ve had posters of Robbie Williams on your bedroom wall since 1990. The news comes in. Robbie’s had enough, and he’s going solo. There’s even a hotline been set up to help girls just like you deal with their grief.

This was one of the most infamously bitter splits in the pop world. Gary and Robbie were at each other’s throats after Robbie decided to leave. It all worked out for everyone though, and after reuniting in 2010 (albeit very briefly as a fivesome) they’re all friends again. And the band clearly aren’t going down without a fight, considering they’ve now lost the Orange, and they’re still persevering.

Secondly, one that is still pretty raw from my point of view: Busted.

Remember the days when you were either a McFly or a Busted fan? That fierce rivalry (between two bands that were actually really good friends and wrote songs for each other etc) was over in 2005 when at an emotional press conference, James, Matt and Charlie announced that they would be going their separate ways, because Charlie wanted to leave and do ‘more serious stuff’. I don’t know if I’ll ever forgive him for this. I never liked Fightstar, either.

Busted’s split pretty much came out of the blue, but everyone knew that this one was coming at some point since the mid 1990s: Oasis.

Those Gallagher brothers have literally been at each other’s throats since birth. When they work together they might make some sweet music, but their professional relationship was a ticking time bomb. The real surprise was that they had lasted so long. The rumours of reunion will continue for the rest of time, probably even after one of them has popped his clogs.


(Hitler’s reaction to the Oasis split)






Edited by Amelia Bauer-Madden

Current third year English and History student, with a love of music, and lots of opinions. 
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