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Happy LGBTQ+ History Month: We Are Still Here and Still Queer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

We want to honour each and every one of the 1.5 million+ LGBT+ people who have contributed to history this year throughout LGBT+ History Month. That many LGBTQ+ individuals now reside in England and Wales. And the reason we are aware of this is because we participated in the Census for the first time in more than 200 years. For our communities, this is a very momentous event because, after years of being invisible, we are finally formally included in the history of our nation.

The number of people who identify as lesbian, gay, bi, or trans has steadily increased over the past few decades, as has the level of social acceptance of lesbian, gay, and bi partnerships. But we have always been present. In addition to living in every city and village, we have laboured in every industry. A few of us have been key figures in advancing social, political, and cultural revolutions, while others have remained steadfast participants of even the most sleepy of localities.

The LGBTQ+ community have endured and persevered despite discriminatory legislation and social prejudice. We’ve always discovered one another, motivated one another, and overcame obstacles to give others prominence. And during the past 20 years, more LGBTQ+ persons have been able to come out publicly in the UK as a result to this exposure.

20 years have passed since Section 28, the UK statute that outlawed “advocacy of homosexuality,” was overturned. We all fought back against the assault on LGBTQ+ visibility. Since then, we’ve made enormous progress. However, given that some areas of our community continue to be attacked, we need bear in mind the reasons why we can’t turn around and collaborate in order to keep going ahead.

Let’s reflect on our history during LGBT+ History Month and continue to stand together to write the future of our community. Here are ways that we can participate in the celebration of this prominent month even as an ally.


At the University of Nottingham, several events have been organised during LGBTQ+ month that are both entertaining and educational in order to give some insight towards the historical events that add value to this month. Events such as:

Trans Collective Poetry Workshop- 4th February, 2023

This is Who I Am: LGBT+ refugee testimonials- 7th February, 2023

Liberation Forum Trans History Talk- 9th February, 2023

QPOC Valentine’s Movie Night- 13th February, 2023

Trans Collective Movie Night- 21st February, 2023

Let’s Have a Kiki: Queer Ballroom Party- 24th February, 2023

For more information, contact UoNSU by checking the official instagram accounts of @uonsu_liberation, @uonsu_lgbtqnetwork, @uonqpocproject, @uonsu_studentvoice.


Here are a few recommendations made by myself and several of my friends and other queer activists that I have found interesting.

  • Kenyan, Christian, Queer by Adriaan van Klinken 
  • The Stonewall Reader by Jason Baumann
  • We Have Always Been Here by Samra Habib
  • The Gay Revolution by Lillian Faderman
  • Sister Outsider by Cheryl Clarke
  • We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation by Matthew Riemer & Leighton Brown.

To know more, simply sit down and ask your queer friend over a drink. If you don’t have many, simply send me a message on IG @noorriioo. 

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