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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Gossip Girl is one of the best TV shows around. Everyone loves the romance between Chuck and Blair – Chair are perfect! Serena and Dan have great chemistry too! A lot of people were pleased with the end games in the series but for all the fans out there who weren’t  – this is for you. The books by Cecily Von Ziegesar offers alternative storylines and endings for our beloved Gossip Girl characters and trust me they’re scarily different! Here are the characters as they are in the Gossip Girl novels:


Nate plays a huge role and is the main love interest of both Blair and Serena.

Nate cheats on Blair with Serena at the beginning and later on cheats on her with Jenny.

Nate and Vanessa never date.

Nate and Georgina meet at Rehab. Nate dates Georgina and he, Georgina, Blair and Serena go on a skiing holiday together (is anyone else’s head exploding right now?).


Serena’s younger brother Erik is older than Serena, a popular student at Brown and is straight.

Serena’s parents are married and Lily doesn’t even know Rufus!

Serena is madly in love with Nate and often loses out to Blair. She has much less control over him than she does in the TV series.

Serena is never responsible for anyone’s death.

Serena behaves decently in boarding school because she’s so disgusted with herself for sleeping with Blair’s boyfriend.

Serena is kicked out from boarding school for cutting too many classes.


Blair nearly sleeps with Erik!

Blair and Nate have known each other for their whole lives but only started dating in the past year whilst in the TV series Chuck mentions that Nate and Blair have been dating since Kindergarten. This makes the love triangle more intense as for a long time Nate is fair game to Serena.

Blair goes to Yale and has a hot boyfriend there (what?!).

She has a little brother, her mother remarries meaning Blair also gains a step-brother and a half baby sister (called Yale…).

Her father and his boyfriend adopt Cambodian twins, Ping and Pong (seriously?!).


Dan begins by liking Serena but is mainly with Vanessa but he two timed her – a lot!

Dan’s dad Rufus is not a charming ageing rockstar but an awkward old poet with grey hair and a ponytail.

Dan is a depressing poet and doesn’t do much writing. His favourite word is ‘death’.

Dan is confused about his sexuality for a time.


Vanessa is a Constance Billard student on scholarship.

She has a shaved head!

At one point in the novels, Vanessa and Blair live TOGETHER and Gossip Girl reports rumors of them being BFFs, shopping together and even possibly being lesbians!


Jenny is a tiny well-endowed brunette in the novels.

She never gains the level of popularity she does in the TV series.

She gets expelled from Constance Billard and goes to boarding school where she is a total “it” girl.

She aspires to be a model.

Nate cheats on Blair with her. He then goes back to Blair and Jenny stalks him and paints portraits of him.


Chuck is a minor character and not even friends with Nate.

Chuck begins the novels liking Serena but is then pretty much gay for the whole novel series.

Chuck and Blair never sleep together – Chair doesn’t exist in the novels at all.

Chuck goes to military school and comes back poor, wise and straight. He’s basically Heathcliff with no Cathy i.e. Blair.

Chuck walks around in the novels with a pet monkey on his shoulder. The monkey wears coordinated outfits.

The other characters despise Chuck.

Gossip Girl is never revealed

What do you make of this? Would this have been better than the TV series storyline or are the TV storylines just soo much better?

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Edited by Ili Mustafa