Get the Look: Beyoncé at the Grammys

Beyoncé at the 2017 Grammys was like seeing the sun in the middle of the night. Breathtakingly beautiful, to the point where you're so star truck that you pass out multiple times. You guys get it. Has the makeup term 'golden goddess' ever fitted a look so perfectly? Queen Bey really reigned throughout that unforgettable performance (she's pregnant with twins!) making the whole extreme golden look become iconic overnight. If you've been wondering how on earth you can achieve the celestial, otherworldly glow of Beyoncé, look no further because we're here to break the makeup down for you. Oh, and guess what...believe it or not makeup artist, Sir John, created this royal, 'fit for a queen' look by using only DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS!! *GASPS* *FAINTS*

We've decided not to include base makeup (primer, foundation, concealer, setting powder/spray, etc.) because the performance of those products are dependent on everyone's unique skin type and coverage/finish preferences.

Here's how you can recreate this enchanting look:


Contour: Beyoncé’s cheekbones were carved out and sculpted to perfection by Sir John who really showed off his artistic skills. Use Maybelline's Master Contour V Stick and don't be scared to go strong because it's intensely creamy and blends like a dream, so no matter how much you use it will always appear seamless and smooth.

Bronzer: The golden bronze glow is what this makeup look is all about so again don't feel the need to hold back, only because your contour is on point doesn't mean you can't go a little further. Warm up the face with a sunny glow by lightly dusting the delicious Bourjois De Poudre Bronzing (looks like chocolate, smells like chocolate, heavenly) over the contour and very slightly dust it around the forehead, temples, and jaw line.

Highlighter: Sir John's show stopping highlighter blinded everyone. He created the sheen with the L'Oreal Paris True Match Liquid Glow Illuminator in 'Golden Glow'. Yep, that's right, this was the actual product he used on Beyoncé. Apply to all the high points of the face, the cheekbones, centre of forehead, brow bone, tip of chin, nose, and Cupid’s bow. Like Beyoncé you can go a step further and apply the highlighter to the collarbone and shoulders too for that gorgeous 'drenched in liquid gold' luminosity. Set the cream highlighter with a powder one like the I Heart Makeup Golden Goddess highlighter which gives the prettiest pop of sunshine that’s clearly made for this look.


Eyeshadow: For the eyes Sir John used the L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche La Palette Nude. Smoke out the matte chocolate brown shades across the crease and along the bottom lash line for the most mesmerising eye look. Next, pat on the Infallible Eyeshadow Paint in 'Golden Eye' on the centre of the lid for that ‘fleeky’, metallic shine that could potentially blind all those who look at you straight in the eyes. #SlayLikeAQueen

Eyelashes: The eyelashes were long, voluminous, and fluttery without being overly dramatic which went well with Beyoncé’s dreamy but striking eye look. The best ones to wear for this look are the classic Ardell Demi Wispies since they tick all the boxes and are alluring af.


Lipstick: The Instagram famous brand Dose of Colours was used to create Beyoncé’s lipstick colour, but unfortunately the brand is very difficult to get a hold of here in the UK.  There are, however, many other lip products that have the same or at least a very similar colour pay off. Try NYX's Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks in the colours 'Corset', 'Honeymoon', 'Teddy', and 'Beauty Mark' next time you’re at a NYX counter and find the shade that looks best on your skin tone.

Edited by Susan Akyeampong