Get Involved: KiSS Society’s Annual Quiz Night

KiSS Society, also known as Kiddies Support Scheme, is a charity society that helps to fundraise for children and their families in Uganda to access vital healthcare and education. HCN caught up with KiSS President Ellie Corroyer, who gave us some invaluable insight into the cause and ways in which you can participate:


‘The KiSS Society at the University of Nottingham supports the charity by raising awareness and funds for KiSS. Students should join the society as it gives them a chance to make a massive impact on those who are less fortunate by donating their time and efforts to the society. Their contribution can be as little or as big as they wish, as every little effort does make a difference. To join, they can simply search KiSS Society on the student unions website, and buy their annual membership that only costs £1.’


The charity society are hosting fundraising events this week, including their annual quiz night in support of the scheme. If you’re interested in helping out in any way, then you can do so this Thursday, 15th November, when KiSS are hosting their annual quiz night. Ellie gave us some more information on how you can get involved this week:


‘This fun night of trivia will give you the opportunity to contribute to KiSS and find out more about the amazing work KiSS does. Prizes will be given to those with the best name and the winners, and it is also an opportunity to meet other members of the society who enjoy volunteering too!’ The location of the quiz night is at The Ropewalk, a pub in Nottingham’s city centre. Teams comprise of a maximum of six people, with the winning team receiving a prize at the end as well as an additional prize for the best name (thinking caps on!). Tickets for members are £1, and for non-members they are £3.


You can purchase tickets and find out more information about the society in general here:


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