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Photo of Nottingham University Campus used in our weekly Meet The Team content
Photo of Nottingham University Campus used in our weekly Meet The Team content
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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Whilst it might seem a bit premature, I always find the last few months of the year absolutely fly by, especially with final deadlines, post-grad excitement and dread to add into the mix. Whether you, like me, are in your final year and reluctantly coming to terms with the fact that pretty soon your time in Notts is done, or if you’re a lucky first year with plenty of time ahead of you, here are 5 things that (in my opinion) have made my time in Notts extra special and would be my top recommendations for everyone to complete before they graduate. 

  1. Night out week:

Starting strong, Nottingham is well-known for its student nightlife so why not take full advantage in one week? A classic for me was Monday Pryzm (sadly no longer a possibility,) followed by Crisis Wednesday (a UoN staple) finishing off the week with an Ocean Friday (sometimes with a Shapes Thursday thrown in if I could hack it.) Whatever your preferences are, there’s something about gathering a group together and committing to powering through each hangover for a week of unforgettable (but most likely forgotten) memories. 

  1. Picnic on the downs:

A slightly more wholesome venture, sunny weather and a day of lectures that will inevitably be left for another day to ‘catch up’ on can only mean one thing: an afternoon spent on the gorgeous downs. Even if you’re not living on campus, I recommend the trip either to revisit your time living in halls or to experience it for the first time. 

  1. Watch a Varsity game: 

With the recent Ice Hockey game (a must-see if you’re still here next year,) made me realise how much I will miss the infamous Trent-UoN rivalry, which felt most powerfully in the atmosphere at varsity games. With a range of sports to choose from, there’s bound to be one that takes your fancy. Tickets are available now here, so make sure you grab them before they sell out! 

  1. Sheaves Friday Karaoke:

The perfect end to a stressful week, what better way to spice up an average Sheaves outing than embarrassing yourself at their weekly karaoke night. From Madonna to Robbie Williams, or even a group rendition of the Spice girls, It’s definitely something that has to be done at least once – if it makes it easier just think how many people do it each week and that realistically, no one will really remember it. 

  1. Enjoy one of Nottingham’s many Breakfast spots:

Post night-out debrief or wholesome weekend breakfast, Nottingham has a plethora of options for the occasion. A personal favourite of mine in Lenton is Jo’s Pancake House on Ilkeston Rd (remember to bring cash,) or AvoCafé on Derby Road for the hot chocolate alone. If you fancy venturing into town, spots like Bear, Copper City (I recommend the breakfast burger,) or Pudding Pantry are also top spots. If you’re Beeston bound, there is also a Pudding Pantry there too as well as Bendigo Lounge and Coffee and Cream if you’re in the mood for a proper fry-up. 

Hazel Miles

Nottingham '24

Hazel Miles is a writer for the Nottingham Chapter of Her Campus, with interests in beauty and wellness, fashion, pop culture and film & TV reviews. She is a third year Liberal Arts student at the University of Nottingham, having changed course from a first year Film & TV degree. Outside of studies, she enjoys going to the gym, seeing friends & family and cooking.