Food Review: The Pudding Pantry

If you’re anything like me, you will never say no to a brunch date! So when The Pudding Pantry offered me the chance to try out some of their delicious specials, I was there in a heartbeat!

Situated on Trinity Square, just along from the Cornerhouse, The Pudding Pantry is a favourite among people of all ages thanks to its delicious, freshly prepared food and its extravagant drinks and deserts alike. When you walk through the door you are immediately confronted with a counter of freshly baked cakes, biscuits, brownies and cheesecakes, all of which are prepared in-house and vary each day.

However, that is not all The Pudding Pantry offer – their menu boasts a selection of sweet and savoury choices, including afternoon tea, which are suitable for a variety of dietary requirements including vegan and gluten free. Everything is made to order and the staff are extremely accommodating to any extra requests.

We chose the vegetarian breakfast and the fluffy pancakes with chocolate, raspberry and marshmallow. Both were absolutely ginormous and despite being hungry, we struggled to finish them! What really sets The Pudding Pantry apart is the extra little touches and tweaks to their dishes that you just wouldn’t get anywhere else – the baked beans were homemade using a variety of beans and the smashed avocado was noticeably flavoured with lime – something I haven’t experienced anywhere else. Equally, the pancakes came in an impressive stack coated generously with melted chocolate, fresh raspberries, and homemade marshmallow, so much so that we could have shared them between us and still been full!

The drinks menu is just as extensive and unique as the food: as well as the ‘usual’ range of teas, coffees and soft drinks, we were highly tempted by the giant freakshakes that come in flavours such as chocolate orange and s’mores, as well as fresh smoothies if you want something more refreshing. As it was a chilly morning, we both opted for a hot chocolate. I stuck to an ordinary one whilst my friend branched out to try a white chocolate and raspberry one; both were lavishly topped with whipped cream and there was the option for homemade marshmallows too if we had wanted. These came served in mason jars – very aesthetic for those who love a good old Instagram photo opportunity!

Overall, our experience at The Pudding Pantry was highly enjoyable and even though the prices are perhaps a little above my student budget, you certainly pay for what you get. As an independent business, The Pudding Pantry is unique to Nottingham and is therefore a ideal place to take any visiting friends and family, or even just a great place for you and your housemates to treat yourselves to brunch or cake after a long week.


*All images in article are writer's own.