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Five Female YouTubers to Watch (Who Aren’t Zoella)

Zoella has recently come under fire for her below-average, over priced 12-door advent calendar, which currently has 2/5 stars on the Boots website. Its unpopularity is also hinted by the fact that it’s now half-price – from £50 to £25 – but for some, that probably won’t excuse the reality that most of the products in the calendar are pretty useless. Her channel, including her 30-minute vlogs, represent a dystopian YouTube, where their target audience (primarily young girls and boys), are fed irrelevant and sponsored stories by young ‘entrepreneurs’. Although YouTube is fantastic for sharing ideas, entertainment and experiences, some have taken advantage of their platform. They continuously promote their sponsors, or their own brand, making it an overcrowded space that creates barriers for new YouTubers to create, and drowns out old-but-gold personalities.  

In light of this, here are 5 other female YouTubers to look out for, who (in my opinion) do a much better job. This is an incomplete list! Feel free to comment on who you think are worthy female YouTubers!

Anna Akana

Okay, yes, the first video on her channel right now is an ad, but Anna mostly produces inspiring and educating videos that saves a trip to the therapist. An activist against suicide, Anna believes in using comedy as a remedy for feeling low, and puts visible effort into making her videos as relatable, enjoyable, and as imaginative as possible. She’s sarcy, strong, and self-made. Did I mention that she’s also an actor, director, producer, pole dancer, stand-up comedian, writer, musician, and cat lover?!

First video of hers I watched: How to put on your face

Most watched video: Why Guys Like Asian Girls


Klossy, AKA supermodel Karlie Kloss has a YouTube channel. Yes. I know. And it’s not just about how she stays fit, or how her skin is so shiny and clear, or how she got to be 6.1 feet tall. She’s the founder of Kode With Klossy, a ‘coding initiative that works to increase access to computer science education and opportunities for young women’. Sadly, it’s restricted to the US, but her channel has a playlist of videos all about computer science that will hopefully give you a sense of what it’s like. Her interest in STEM initiatives has allowed her to partner with Samsung and Bill Nye (the Science Guy), while promoting environmental and humanitarian causes, as well as uploading videos of the expected healthy recipes and travel vlogs.

First video of hers I watched: Super Fun Day with Karlie Kloss (it’s actually a video by Casey Neistat, but it was the first time I had ever seen Karlie on YouTube, and consequently found out that she had her own YouTube channel)

Most watched video: Making of a Met Gala Gown

The Sorry Girls

These two are the queens of DIY. They defy patriarchal notions every time they whip out a drill, a saw, or a hammer. Although some of their videos are more for home DIY, they also delve into DIY fashions, do thrift challenges, and are totally student friendly! Their cheery personality really comes through in their videos, and they literally DIY anything that you can think of.

First video of theirs I watched: DIY Neon Sign Décor (I’m still in the process of making this, after first watching the video 2 years ago, because I’m that lazy.)

Most watched video: Ariel DIY Disney Costume


Soph Does Nails

Actually she doesn’t, she does makeup. Not only is Soph British, but she almost exclusively uses drug-store brands in her videos. She’s not afraid to point out that she has oily skin and pimples, making her makeup videos not only authentic and seriously useful for anyone in the same situation and looking for affordable make up. She’s a brand ambassador for Revolution Make Up (one of the cheapest brands out there) but her channel is separate to that (the videos she makes for Revolution are on Revolution’s own YouTube channel), and her reviews of products are always honest.

First video of hers I watched: Full Face of Ebay Makeup

Most watched video: Boyfriend Chooses My Make up


How can this article go without mentioning Lilly Singh? Since joining YouTube in 2010, her videos have maintained the same comedic tone, while addressing issues on feminism, racism and stereotypes (although Lilly does a pretty good job at breaking the majority of the latter). It’s physically impossible not to laugh when watching her videos. She’s also a writer, actress, and a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. What’s not to like?

First video of hers I watched: Girls On Their Periods.

Most watched video: How Girls Get Ready…

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