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As Christmas celebrations have been limited significantly this year, with most of us going back home to Tier 3 (congrats to people who aren't!), Christmas is something we're going to have to carry within our houses this year, so I thought I'd make a list of films that I love during Christmas because there's nothing better than a good Christmas film and some hot chocolate to make you feel festive. 


The Holiday 

I watched this movie for the first time this year and fell in love with it entirely. Starring the incredible cast of Kate Winslet, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law, it's the perfect Christmas love story. When two women grow hateful for their current lives, they both decide to switch homes, from LA to Surrey, both falling in love in the process. It's so wholesome and has quickly become one of my favourite Christmas films, ever. 


Definitely a family favourite, and honestly- I'll be surprised if you've not already seen this, however, it's one of those films that, I personally think you can never watch too many times. The film follows the children of St Bernadette's Primary school, when preparing their yearly Nativity are falsely told that Hollywood will be visiting them. It's hilarious, so heartwarming and such a lovely film to watch. 


Love Actually

I've probably watched this film too many times, and every single time I love it all the same. The perfect Christmas romance film, following several different stories of love throughout the Christmas season. It's so homely and comforting, with such an amazing cast, too! 



Released just this year, Holidate stars Emma Roberts, a single, heartbroken young woman who's dating life doesn't exist after her ex breaks up with her. She meets a guy at the mall (not as cliche as it sounds) and they decide to be each others 'Holidate', a person they celebrate holidays with so the inconvenience of being asked about their current relationship status by family and friends. It's hilarious and such a good film to watch during this season. It's a Netflix original, too!


Jess Smith

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