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Festive Tunes Unmasked

With Christmas just around the corner, the sound of carols fills the air! Like a bad odour in the countryside, it spreads far and wide to the point of having to leave the area or in this case the shopping centre. But what really is the verdict? Do we hate to love them? Is it a marketing scheme?

The music may have an effect on shoppers during this period. However, this does suggest that it should be kept within the month of December and not beginning soon after Halloween. Many people often complain about this due to shops attempting to extend the Christmas period. Is it possible the music reflects positively on shoppers opening their purses, or are we just so used to it that it would be unnatural if not heard? Upon asking others, I found that they believed it may boost sales. The manic snatch and grab is heightened with a mad rush of people hearing this music whilst shopping. After all it’s a time for sharing which in turn makes people act more generously.  A staggering 95% would prefer to hear music when shopping in store. It’s been found that this karaoke experience has led to 53% of people enjoying sing-a-long to Christmas music in pubs and bars at this time of year.

An abundance of presents and food to look forward to, what can themed music really add? Music being such a big part of Christmas, carol singers do good by raising money for charity and spreading the cheer. Everyone has their own favourite song to listen to which gets them in the mood. To start this off, I would begin with “Whats this?” as it perfectly introduces Christmas.

But I did stumble across the cutest video this year which may change my mind.

“I can’t imagine Christmas Eve without hymns or Christmas dinner without Michael Buble!”

Christmas carols are a great way to raise money for charities around this time. A recent and updated Band Aid song has been released and all its contributions have gone to the Ebola crisis epidemic. Some people find that charity singles are significant in this case, but don’t appreciate carollers on their doorstep letting the heat out. Although, everyone loves Silent Night, so, if anyone is planning on carolling this year, that is definitely a crowd pleaser.

So, it appears that the Christmas period can only be enhanced through festive tunes. From Let it Snow to Mariah Carey, it will be appreciated all around. (But not all YEAR round! There’s always that one person who insists to whistle jingle bells throughout the year and they just so happen to be in my halls). They may be repeated everywhere, but it’s doubtful people will get sick of Christmas songs unless in they start even earlier than November 1st!







Edited by Amelia Bauer-Madden

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