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Fall 23 Fashion Month: The Best Shows and Upcoming Trends

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With fashion month just gone, designers are continually pushing the boundaries with stand-out designs. With iconic fashion houses presenting their new ready-to-wear collections, we get a glimpse into the upcoming trends and colours of the year. From the avant garde upside down dresses from Victor & Rolf to the robot dogs at Coperni, here’s a rundown of the best shows of the past fashion month.

Nina Ricci

Harris Reed’s first debut collection at Nina Ricci was nothing less than spectacular. From polkadots, to baby doll dresses, to huge tulle ballgowns, the flamboyant collection was overall great. With Reed teasing his upcoming collection dressing Florence Pugh in an orange, tulle gown, high expectations were met. Silhouettes and designs were over the top, beautifully tailored and exaggerated. Floral neck ties were featured throughout the collection, a trend we’ve been seeing throughout the fashion industry. Reed also used a lot of bows and hats to add to the exaggerated look of opulence. Although the collection seemed to feature a lot of different features, the exaggerated shapes and silhouettes cohesively drew it all together.


Schiaparelli and Daniel Roseberry never seem to disappoint with the beautifully tailored and classic looks they repeatedly produce. While pushing the boundaries in their haute couture collection which featured the prosthetic animal heads, Schiaparelli have mastered the art of accentuated, elegant looks. Roseberry’s designs can only be described as a kind of accessible couture, he masters the sharp silhouettes that exaggerate the female form. The collections wouldn’t be the same without the use of the gold accessories, which are odd in the best way. Huge gold buttons were placed upon denim sets and oversized black fur coats, matched with large golden earrings and the iconic gold toe shoes. The simple but amazingly crafted looks Schiaparelli repeatedly puts out, makes Schiaparelli one of the best in the game.


The rising popularity of Loewe is fully justified as Jonathan Anderson delivered a surreal collection. The collection featured blurred dresses, fuzzy coats and most amazingly stiffened tops to look almost like a cartoon. The coral-coloured top and pleated green mini skirt, can only be compared to outfits you may place on a doll. The collection also featured clothing which were created by the way they were held, a white silk draped dress or overcoat, held on to by the model. Anderson takes the meaning of clothes to a whole other level, and makes you really think about ‘what is fashion?’

Vivienne Westwood

Being the first ready to wear collection after Westwood has passed, the collection still delivered the beautiful exaggerated, corseted looks legendary to the fashion house. The show featured huge platform laced up heels, a popular trend we have been seeing over the past year. Westwood’s iconic tartan and sharp silhouettes featured in many of the looks, made entirely of upcycled fabrics. Fur-like boots and heels also filled the runway, matched with fishnets and khaki pants. The show ended with Westwood’s granddaughter in a beautifully crafted, lace white bridal corset and bloomer. Walking with a white bouquet of flowers, the tribute to Westwood couldn’t have been more perfect.

Evie Seal

Nottingham '23

Final year philosophy student at the University of Nottingham. Aspiring journalist who loves all things fashion & beauty. Instagram @evieseal