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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Lizzie Mcguire was our personal life coach back in the day. She taught us about how friends come and go – Kate Saunders!! She went through bra shopping with us and even told us cautionary tales of turning goth and throwing unsupervised house parties (so WRONG). Now she’s here to talk about what happens during exams.

1) Lizzie’s bro gets that you’re not in the mood for exams

2) but Lizzie says you have to work to get that 2:1

3) Lizzie would tell you that during testing times you learn which friends are good to have around

4) and which ones aren’t…

5) Lizzie was massively led by the evil Paolo valisari! Just like you’re being misled by your lecturers when they tell you not to worry

6) everyone says they’re revising and you know Lizzie wouldn’t want you following the crowd

7) exams make your mind constantly wander to your boyfriend (or in Lizzie’s case a cartoon version of her)

8) or to your future boyfriend

9) you WISH your friends were saying this about you right now-

10) but eventually you get to revision cos you know deep down it’ll all be worth it and also cos Lizzie’s mom told you she’d take away phone privileges if you didn’t!!