Everyday Trends: 'No Makeup' Makeup

Do you have those days when you don't feel like wearing any makeup but the bags under your eyes make you look like you just step out from the Walking Dead series? Well, good news is that with barely any effort you can fix it with very minimal makeup!

I normally don’t wear any makeup when I go to university. In fact, only started to wear makeup almost everyday day when I came to study in the UK, partially, because I’m from a country in which there are very hot temperatures all year-round, therefore our makeup was mostly a tan! I must confess how surprised I was to see young girls at Boots and Superdrug already buying and wearing makeup. However, after my first year in the UK went by, my skin didn't appear as healthy as it did back at home so I decide to look for simple make up tutorials and found the trendy “No Makeup” makeup tutorial on Youtube.

These are the tutorials that I have found most helpful. I’ve tried to gather tutorials for all skin complexions, so I hope you enjoy them!



Makeup by Sona - Sona Gasparian


Lisa Eldridge


Lauren Curtis


Shirley B. Eniang



This is a very helpful tutorial and tips by a professional makeup artist, provided by Sephora:



This is my Before and After with the “No Makeup Makeup”:

1.      Face cream with SPF - this will give you sun protection, which is essential to wear everyday, as well as moisturisation.

2.      Eye Concealer - It’s used for breakouts and underway circles. The trick I use for my skin is to buy concealer that is one tone lighter than my skin complexion.

3.      BB Cream - I use one that matches my skin color so I don’t have to put on foundation.

4.      Eyebrows pencil -  This is optional, however I use it to define the shape of the eyebrows.

5.      Mascara - Enhancing your eyelashes will compete the look, defining them is essential if you don’t want to put on eyeliner.

6.      Lip balm - I usually wear Baby lips from Maybelline as it moisturizes and keeps your lips from getting dry and peeling during the winter time.


Edited by Amelia Bauer-Madden