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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Name: Ellie Auton

Hometown: Liverpool

Degree: English with Creative Writing

Year: First

Campus involvement: I’m a member of the English society and Musicality. I’m also in the upcoming musical ‘The Producers’ next March!

Dream Job: Voicing a Disney Princess!

Personal Claim to Fame: I somehow gained the bottle that Beyoncé was drinking from during one of her concerts, and my sisters refuse to throw it out. So basically, I have Beyoncé’s genes in my freezer…

Fun Fact: I’m a huge Dolly Parton fan!

Favourite Food: Ice cream!

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: Every time I’ve fallen over, but especially the time on the stairs in Portland, Nottingham has welcomed it’s clumsiest resident this year!

Where can you be found on a Friday night: Ocean of course!