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Edward Reid

Name: Edward Reid

Hometown: Chester

Degree: Music

Year: 3

Campus Involvement: Captain of the Water Polo team

Dream Job: Pilot – Top Gun style.

Personal Claim to Fame: Survived an earthquake in New Zealand – front page story of the Chester Chronicle…big news!

Fun Fact: I became a Royal Marine in January and start as an officer in September.

Most Embarrassing Uni Moment: Once had my trunks ripped off mid-water polo match.

Signature Dish: Anything with pasta.

Where Can You Be Found on a Friday Night in Notts?: Ocean or Dartmoor training with the Marines.


By Rosie Gawthrop


Hannah Rought is a third year English student at University of Nottingham. She is successfully (?) managing her studies and being Head of Social Media for Her Campus Nottingham. Expect her to tweet #thirdyearwoes a lot this year, she doesn't want to graduate and have to become a real life grown up! 
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