Doughnotts: the bakery taking Nottingham by storm 

Doughnotts is a real homegrown success story of a young couple who gave their random business idea a bash and ended up creating a thriving and well-loved bakery that is renowned amongst students and locals alike!

Picture this - you’re watching a programme about doughnuts which inspires you to try your hand at making some of the sweet treats yourself. This then gathers huge interest amongst your friends and you create a Facebook page gaining over a thousand followers in a week.  Seems easy right? Well, this is exactly the scenario that Megan and Wade, the founders of Doughnotts, were in back in 2015. Despite how it sounds, their work was certainly was not easy (we're talking 3am starts every day here…) and they’ve put a whole lot of blood, sweat and…sugar(?) into growing the business to the sensation that it is today since then!

One of many reasons Doughnotts is so ridiculously popular is their enormous range of flavours stretching from 'Death by Chocolate' to 'Cherry Bakewell' and 'Snickers' to 'Red Velvet'. Plus, many of the doughy delicacies are completely vegan (as listed on the website) so no one’s left out! Doughnotts also take requests for giant (14 inch) doughnuts, mini versions of your fave flavours and they even have a wall (pictured above) which can hold 104 doughnuts that they hire out for functions. So, if it’s your birthday coming up and the classic cake is just too mainstream… get hinting!!

Not content with just buying a pre-decorated doughnut? Why not try one of Doughnotts ‘Shake and Decorate’ classes, held at Be at One Bar in the city. Here you’ll get to try your hand at dunking the doughnuts in icing before topping them with whatever calorific concoction you like, all whilst sipping cocktails from the bar - a match made in heaven! The sessions cost £20 (which gets you three doughnuts to decorate and 2 cocktails) and sell out fast so keep your eye out on Facebook for upcoming dates.

So, next time you're heading into Notts and fancy a little sugary pick-me-up, support a local business and head to Doughnotts!

Doughnotts is located at 26A Long Row W, Nottingham NG1 2DR and they also have stores in Derby and Leicester.

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