David Garner: SU Education Officer Candidate

Huffington Post-famous politics student David is campaigning to be your Education Officer, but can this Yorkshire lad win you over like he has Andy Hoe?

Hi David, so what would you say are your most important manifesto points?

The points I care the most about right now are the ones about mental health. Anxiety and a lack of confidence seem to be prominent when it comes to talking to staff and tutors. I don’t want people to feel afraid to apply for extenuating circumstances for example, so I want to encourage positive relationships between the staff and the students; I want people engaging in a dialogue. In the same vein I’d quite like to set up a mental health workshop in the welcome week, stating who to ask for help during the year and that sort of thing.

What do you feel the most challenging policies to implement are going to be?

I know that the previous two education officers, particularly Dan Rattigan, have been working hard to try and get lectures online. We’ve got the technology but it’s encouraging the lecturers and module convenors to put their material online that is probably going to prove a challenge. Even if I don’t achieve this policy straight away it will be a step in the right direction.

We would be all for that! In terms of next week, what can we expect from your campaign this week?

Hopefully by the end of the fortnight you will be sick of seeing my face and the colour orange blasted all over campus! That’s all I’ll say.

Exciting! Have you been talking to lots of different people in preparation for the campaign? And do you know much about your opponents?

I’ve yet to get around to Derby or SB- you really feel for how far away they are!- but I’ve spoken to lots of different groups already and hearing what they’ve got to say. The QMC and the medics are next on the list! As for my opponents, I know of a few that are running but it’s been kept a little in the dark until now, we shall soon see!

We heard you had your few minutes of fame last year!

Yes! I spent a while making election predictions on a UK Map and although they were a bit far off I did get a little bit  of media interest, including the Huffington Post!



What would be your Mastermind speciality?

I’ve got a lot of niche knowledge in useless areas, I can do all the countries of the world on sporcle, Eurovision or maybe the Simpsons

What was the last text you receive?

Does Facebook Messenger count? [HC confirms that it does not] I feel the last text would have been from my mum ‘Why haven’t you emailed, David? Kiss’

Have you got a nickname?

Some of my friends call me DG which is quite nice, I like that

Like the taxi company?

Yeah, I should get free advertising!

Where can I find you on a Friday night?

Absolutely Ocean, I love the place.

Have you ever met Andy Hoe?

I have, I sang him a song once to try and get a free ticket.

Can we hear it?

My bonnie lies over in Ocean…

My bonnies in Ocean you’ll see…

My bonnie lies over in OCean…

So bring back a ticket for me!

Bring back,

Briiing back,

Oh bring back a ticket for me, for me!

Bring back,

Briiing back,

Oh bring back a VK for me!

Thanks David!


Edited by Naomi Upton