Dare to go Dark: The Bold Lip

Autumn has arrived and you know what means - it’s time to ditch that summer glow and coral blusher for a smoky eye and a sultry dark lip. Now don’t worry if you’re not a pro at makeup, the bold lip is the perfect way to switch up your makeup routine without taking too much time or effort!


How do I know which shade suits me?

It’s easy! Just follow this easy guideline when choosing lipstick shades to match your skin tone.


Fair/Light Skin

If you have a fair skin complexion then the signature Hollywood red lip is perfect for you! One of my personal favourite lipsticks to recommend would be MAC Ruby Woo



Medium/Olive Skin

You’re lucky if you fall into this category because you have a lot of versatility here and can pretty much rock any colour! But remember if you’re more towards the olive side then try to avoid blue-based lipsticks as this can clash with your complexion. The Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks have great staying power along with a wide selection of colours.



Dark Skin

Berry shades look beautiful against darker skin tones. This Topshop lipstick would be a perfect choice for a flattering makeup look.



Tips and Tricks

Follow these simple tips and tricks for flawless makeup that last all day.


1) Conceal those lips

Yep you heard me! I know concealer on your lips might sound a tad odd but it helps to cover up your natural lip colour which therefore allows your lipstick to not only be more vibrant, but also be true to colour! Genius eh?


2) Lip liner

Lip liner is a must when dealing with a bold lip! Make sure the liner matches your lipstick colour and don’t forget to fill in your lips after you’ve lined them so your lipstick holds longer.


3) Set it in place

Translucent powders are a great way to set your lipstick so it lasts all day. Simply hold a thin tissue against your lips and apply the powder gently through the tissue onto them. The powder removes excess oils without removing the pigment and the tissue allows finer coverage.


4) Keep it subtle

The bold lip itself is quite a statement makeup look so be sure not to overdo your eye makeup or blusher. You don’t want to look like you’re getting ready for Halloween!


So hopefully you’re now ready to put these secrets to good use. Remember ladies, the bolder the better!









Edited by Mackenzie Orrock