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Campus Style Trends: Pastel

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

TREND #4: Pastel

Name: Gabby Pegg

Year: 1

Summer Plans: Trip to Thailand

Her Campus loves: The pastel trend is not only ultra-feminine but it suits all skin types and styles so we can’t get enough of it.

The hues range from lilac, mint green, light blue and coral. My particular pastel colour of choice is coral, it compliments my complexion and I instantly feel beach ready (even if I’m cooped up in library’s silent area, making frantic revision notes…).

I loved Gabby’s pastel necklace. So much so I shamelessly interrupted her mid-revision to find out where it was from! Her pretty coral and gold necklace is from New Look and brightens up her pale pink boxy t-shirt which is from Topshop. I love how the subtle zigzag print on her t-shirt adds movement and vibrancy to her simple outfit. Her black jeans are from Zara. In all the excitement, I forgot to ask Gabby where her shoes are from! But aren’t they stunning? Funky designs on classic ballet pumps are current, so if you like Gabby’s shop around to find something similar.


Sheetal studied History at the University of Nottingham and was Campus Correspondent during her final year, before graduating in July 2014. She is currently jumping between jobs, whilst still writing for HC in her spare time. She may or may not be some of these things: foodie, book addict, world traveller (crazy dreamer!), lover of cheese, Australian immigrant, self-proclaimed photographer, wannabe dancer, tree hugger, lipstick ruiner, curly-haired and curious. She hopes for world peace and dreams that someday, cake will not make you fat.