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The Best Restaurants Nottingham For Vegetarians

As a vegetarian, I always have to scout out places to eat by looking at online menus to make sure there’s something to eat. Nowadays, most places do offer vegetarian meals, although a lot of the time it can be just one or two things (that don’t always sound that appetising anyway!) From practical research (AKA constantly going out for food), I’ve established some of the best places to eat in Nottingham if you’re a vegetarian or even just looking to eat a little less meat!


Annie’s Burger Shack

Annie’s Burger Shack gets an honourable mention for being one of the only places I’ve ever seen to offer the whole menu meat-free. The menu is already extensive with so many delicious and creative burger options, but even more so through the option to have the burger vegetarian OR vegan. I’ve never been able to choose from so much in my life!


Bella Italia

If Italian food is your thing, Bella Italia is divine. There are several pasta and pizza options, my favourite being the Funghi Crema (essentially cheesy mushroom pasta). Again, Bella Italia is a nice meal when you want a break from takeaway pizza, and I always think it’s a nice place to go if you’re wanting to dress up a bit.



Going around the world, the next stop is India. Mowgli offers Indian Street food with the option of choosing from an entirely Vegan menu. The restaurant itself is gorgeous and classy, and there are even swings for seats!



Final stop, Japan. Wagamamas have developed their menu to include many more vegetarian and vegan options, my personal favourite being the vegetarian katsu. Instead of chicken, you get fried aubergine and sweet potato, even my boyfriend (who loves his chicken) orders this every time we go!


Pudding Pantry

To include a brunch place, Pudding Pantry offers vegetarian breakfasts as well as pancakes with a variety of toppings to choose from. The full breakfasts are especially nice as they have a homemade feel to them rather than a typical greasy fry-up. They also do delicious smoothies.


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