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The Best Hair Oil Leave-in Conditioners

November is here which means the weather is starting to get very chilly. As soon as we head out the door we’re immediately greeted by our dear friends: good old strong wind which hits us right in the face, and random rain shower who catches us when we least expect it. Oh and waking up to the friendly embrace of the sharp morning cold? Nothing quite like it. 

Our hair goes through a lot this time of year and this type of weather can be harsh and even damaging for it. The freezing weather can be so unbearable that we also tend to put the heating up quite high, which means a loss of moisture in the air causing hair to dry out and become, well, slightly straw like. This is where hair products come in. Hair oils have been used for centuries all around the world as a healthy way to maintain moisture, softness, and shine while also enhancing the hair’s natural beauty. Here are a few choices that we’ve been trying, testing, and loving (expect a lot of argan oil, the world of haircare is crazy about it as it ticks all the boxes!).

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir 100ml, £9.99.

First up is the professional yet reasonably priced John Frieda Frizz-Ease Nourishing Oil Elixir, loved by YouTuber Kaushal Beauty. Containing argan oil as its main ingredient, this oil eliminates frizz (making hair easier to style and just…deal with) by nourishing each strand of hair with a thick, shiny coat of intense hydration. It soaks up into the hair instantly so it definitely won’t leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy. We recommend using this while your hair is still damp to really lock in the moisture and help it soak in and dry. Apply one pump for fine hair and two pumps for thick hair, and work it from root to tip to shield your hair from the harsh weather.

Mark Hill MiracOILicious Moroccan Argan Oil 50ml, £9.99.

Next up is the Mark Hill MiracOILicious Moroccan Argan Oil, loved by YouTuber Huda Beauty. If, like me, you have really dry, rough, coarse hair then this one is definitely for you. This argan oil also contains thirteen other essential oils and plant extracts which blend together to create one super silky, ultra-nourishing formula. Surprisingly, it’s much lighter than the previous oil and completely residue-free, leaving your hair ever so soft to the touch. Due to how rich the oil is, we would only recommend using a couple of drops for fine hair and a few more drops for thick hair. While it’s damp, once it’s dried, and also after styling for the silkiest, smoothest, and shiniest mane which will stay tame no matter what the weather.

Moroccanoil Treatment 25ml, £13.45.

Finally, let’s talk about the famous Moroccanoil Treatment, loved by…well, everyone in the beauty industry. As soon as this oil came out it took the haircare world by storm. It hydrates lifeless hair, locks in the moisture for days, provides intense nourishment so split ends don’t appear so often, while also making hair stronger, softer and shinier. Oh, and it smells enchanting! It’s a cult classic for many reasons. But…it is also high end and annoyingly expensive (especially when, like me, you’re kind of obsessed with it). If you do, however, feel tempted by this truly luxurious product and think it’s for you then we would only recommend buying the 25ml one rather than the full size. The oil formula is so rich and creamy so you only need a couple of drops and it should last ages. They also do a light version tailored for fine hair. Apply a couple of drops either while the hair is damp, once it’s dried, or when you’re styling it for weather damage-resistant, glossy locks.

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