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Best Buys to Recover from Winter Weary Skin

The days are getting longer and temperatures are beginning to climb but as you’ve probably noticed, the transition into spring weather hasn’t been a smooth one. With the winter comes dry heat indoors, low humidity and long hot showers meaning that your skin is probably suffering from a serious case of winter blues. We at Her Campus Nottingham are bringing you a simple beauty regime that a) eliminates bathroom clutter and b) revives your skin, ready for spring.  


Step One: Overnight Balms

These beauty products do the hard work while you do nothing: never did the phrase ‘beauty sleep’ ever ring truer.


Balane Me Stellar Face Balm (50ml)


This little one-pot wonder is crammed with 100% natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, rosehip oil and mango seed butter. It’s a great investment for your spring cabinet as it repairs damaged skin overnight AND leaves your face with a dewy finish.


Nivea Night Cream


At this student-friendly price, this night cream is a steal! It’s ideal for dry skin and manages to be both moisturising and light on the skin.


Step Two: Exfoliators

Neutrogena’s Pore and Shine


Pores are essentially the pathway for oil to reach the skin. As temperatures are expected to peak from next week, what you don’t want is to have open pores which a) welcome those lovely spring oils which give us spots and b) ages our skin. Props to Neutrogena because this product tightens pores AND it cleanses deep down. If your skin is a little oxygen starved as a result of being indoors, the tangerine and lime ingredients will give your skin a great boost.


Streetwise City Face Scrub by Oroco


We urbanites are exposed to highly polluted air living in a big city like Nottingham and this can mean accelerated skin ageing! So just before you head out or straight after you come home, use this product to remove those dead skin cells and buff away that city grime.


Step 3. Moisturisers

Palmers Cocoa Butter Formular and Lotion


An everyday must have, it bathes the skin – both face and body in moisture goodness. SO luxurious. SO affordable.


Benefit Total Moisturiser Facial Cream


Benefit Total Moisturiser Facial Cream provides immediate hydration! Your complexion will feel so refreshed after using this product, it really is a little pot of heaven.




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Edited by Georgina Varley

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