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Battling Acne: My Holy Grail Skincare Products

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Jasmine opens up about her own struggles with acne and her skin this week, advising us on her favourites products to use, whilst also focusing on cruelty free and vegan versions.

As someone who has battled acne for over ten years, I have gone through A LOT of ‘acne curing’ face washes and creams… but do they all actually work? Having acne can be a physically and mentally draining experience, it can make you question your self-worth and want to try every single acne remedy at once, but I have found that a simple, minimal skincare routine can be the most effective. I have tried to actively search for cruelty free and vegan products, so it is accessible for everyone. 

It is important to remember that I am *not* a dermatologist and that everyone’s skin reacts differently to products, and that no product will work universally, but I am here to share what has been the most effective for me and my acne. It is best to research the type of acne you have and to see a doctor so that it can be treated by prescribed topical and oral treatments, but a good skincare routine will certainly get you glowing!


This is a new favourite skincare line of mine! It is reasonably priced and has most definitely brightened my complexion and helped fight those pesky breakouts. 

The Facial Cleansing Bar: This facial cleanser is labelled as a ‘breakout control’ bar which is formulated with charcoal and tea tree oil. I have found that this bar has controlled my breakouts reasonably well and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean. It is also vegan and cruelty free which makes it more worthwhile! It is priced at £6 so is most definitely worth giving it a go. Its activated charcoal pulls out bacteria, toxins and excess oil which is especially good for those of you who wear makeup! Its tea tree soothes the skin, reducing inflammation and the shea butter keeps the skin hydrated. The only thing I have found with this product is that it can leave your skin slightly dry but follow up with a moisturiser and it is a perfect pairing! 

Facial Moisturiser: This facial moisturiser is an essential part of my skincare routine now. Its vitamin E and tea tree oil formular leaves the skin feeling super soft whilst also preventing breakouts. 


Pala’s Choice is on the pricier side of skincare, but I would recommend looking into it. You can buy the sample and travel size from the website before you invest in the full size, which is a handy little of trick of mine when trying a new product!

The Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant: This little bottle of magic is the best product I have found! I put a little bit of this product on to a cotton pad and gently dab it on my face. The formular is made so that the liquid removes any dead skin cells and fights blackheads. My skin has been noticeably more radiant, and I have noticed that my acne scarring has started to slowly fade. The full-size bottle is £29, but it is something worth putting on your wishlist, or adding to your Christmas ideas! Again, this brand is also cruelty-free (but not vegan). 


Lush always used to be a comfort brand for me when I was around 12, going into their shops on a Saturday to buy a fun bath bomb! However, recently I have found that Lush do some of the best face masks! Both masks retail at £9 so slightly pricy but worth it for pamper evenings! Oh, and as a bonus once again, this brand is cruelty free and vegan! 

Mask of Magnaminty: This face and body mask is an absolute must-have! It can be used all over the body and leaves your skin feeling exfoliated and refreshed. Not only have I noticed it improve the complexion and appearance of my skin, but it is the ultimate pamper night treat on those days where you just need to relax! (It also smells amazing!) 

Cosmetic Warrior: This beautiful formula is certainly calming and refreshing, leaving my skin feeling smooth and clear. The only downside to this mask is that it has a slightly *funky* smell due to the garlic in it! This recently has been trending on TikTok – so watch out for the sellouts!


Now, this is the best thing I have ever found! I had never really heard anyone talk about these, but I found them one day on amazon and now all my friends use them because they are an absolute lifesaver for the annoying spot that won’t leave!

Dots for spots: these small circular patches absorb any impurities from your spots. It is kind of gross, but when you remove the patches, you can see the gunk that comes out of them, but the spot is pretty much gone in the morning! It also promotes faster healing and stops you from picking at your skin. These are also cruelty free and vegan.

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