Ariana Grande’s New Song About Her Exes is Surprisingly Uplifting

If there’s one girl who’s had her fair share of heartbreaks and heartaches lately, then it’s Ariana Grande. Still, despite all of the hardship she has endured over the past couple of years, she has come out of the other end stronger than ever before, as reflected and celebrated in her latest single.

In ‘Thank U, Next’ Ariana first pays heart-warming tributes to her exes, breaking the stereotype that you have to hate them as much as you once loved them post break-up. Stating the obvious that she ‘almost got married’, she thanks her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson and then swiftly, in the next line, wishes that she could also thank the late Mac Miller. All of these emotions are delivered in short lines within the same verse, set alongside a surprisingly uplifting instrumental that really does mark her intentions to move on to what is ‘next’.


Instead of any speculation regarding a new man, however, Ariana defies the stereotype of moving on too soon once again as she goes on to tell us how she has found solace with herself: 'her name is Ari'. This is truly the most feel-good moment in the song as she signifies her autonomy as a female agent that is independent of her past relationships. It’s truly a special point that defies pop’s usual handling of a break-up song.


Overall, Grande’s new single celebrates how women can find themselves with and without the presence of men in their lives. I have to agree with Ariana, then, when she says that she truly has turned out amazing.


By Chloe Jade Clarke