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A Guide to My Favourite Date Night Locations: Nottingham

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

Are you interested in spicing up your date nights, or evenings with friends in Nottingham? Luckily, our talented writer Jaz shares her favourite locations, focusing on spontaneous locations…

Now the cold weather is approaching, wanting to just cuddle in bed and watch Netflix becomes a very convenient option when seeing your special someone… and whilst I am all for this, sometimes it is worth treating each other to a date night where you get out the house and have some fun! Nottingham is full of endless date night locations; from splashing the cash in amazing restaurants to playing tipsy mini golf, I’ve got you covered! These recommendations are definitely targeted towards the pricier side of date night, but there are so many things to do on a budget too, like a home-made candle lit dinner or movie night! It is also important to note that that these things are also great to do with your friends if you’re not in a relationship too – a friendship date with the gals is always fun!


Do you want to do something a bit different from dinner dates and spice up your date night? This section will give you some inspiration for a bit of spontaneity!

Glory Holes:

Hold on… hear me out – it’s mini golf! This exciting new attraction has only opened up recently, diverting from your usual mini golf experience…It’s definitely an acquired taste but if you’re looking to have a good laugh, glory holes Nottingham is the place for that. It’s adult themed mini golf place, serving a variety of cocktails and pizza. It’s most certainly an interesting (perhaps raunchy would be the better adjective here) place to spice up your date night!

Roxy Ball Room:

Looking for booze and a bit of fun? Roxy’s has got it all! Enjoy your favourite cocktail whilst you play a variety of different games. They have bowling, arcade type games, ping pong, karaoke, crazy pool (which is like mini golf but with pool instead!) and more. This would also be a super fun location to go on for a first or second date perhaps! They also have a Photo Booth to capture that special date night with your special person!


With the holiday season slowly creeping upon us, it’s time to start getting in the festive spirit…

The Christmas Market in Old Market Square:

After the Christmas market opened for one day last year before getting shut down due to COVID, it’s returned and is better than ever! Stepping into market square at the moment is a magical experience every time and going there with your special someone makes it that little bit more magical. If you fancy going for drinks, the Aprés Ski themed pop-up bar has got you covered. They sell mulled wine to add that extra festive element, or they’ve got your standard drink order – whatever you fancy! If you’re wanting food as well, they have the best market stalls. For those with a sweet tooth, they have hot chocolate, tonnes of different type of fudge, and homemade crepes (‘darling crepes’). They also have cheese stalls, ‘dirty’ vegan food and loaded fries. And after, (or perhaps it would be better before!) indulging in drink and food, it is worth having a bit of fun on the rides. They have a carousal, a Helter Skelter slide and a huge 32m Observation Wheel! The wheel is an extremely romantic activity, observing the beautiful Christmas lights together as you slowly get higher up. So, whether you are looking to go for a drink and indulge in some festive treats or to have fun on some of the rides, Christmas at Old Market Square is perfect!

Christmas at Wollaton:

If you’re looking for a festive, romantic date night, Christmas at Wollaton is for you! It’s slightly on the pricier side with tickets costing £19.80 per person, but if you want to splash a bit of extra cash on seeing Christmas come to life at Wollaton park, it is most certainly worth it.


And lastly, a date night classic… a dinner date! You can’t go wrong with taking your significant other out for food, or even cooking for them!


Now, I was super sceptical about coming here because, now don’t judge me… but I am not the biggest fan of sushi! However, I got taken here on date night and I give it a 10/10! It is super easy to order on the app and you can do an all you can eat! However, let me warn you before you make this mistake too… we ordered way too much food out of excitement (although, I’m going to blame him for this one…) and you have to pay a service charge or spend £5 per box to put away the food you didn’t finish. So yeah… £60 later wasn’t too fun but if you order a bit at a time, it will be fine! The crispy duck & cucumber uramaki and the prawn katsu pieces are to DIE FOR!


Pitcher and Piano is a personal favourite of mine. The atmosphere and beautiful glass-stained windows in the church is breath-taking. The food and cocktails are on the pricier side, but it is so worth it if you want to spend a bit more on date night. You can even start the day right with a drink and go there for a bottomless brunch and make a day out of it!

Date night is not about spending loads of money on your partner all the time or going out constantly, it is about how you spend your time together. But sometimes saving up for a special date once a month or so is always a nice thing to do! :)

Jasmine Eastman

Nottingham '23

Head of Reviews for Her Campus University of Nottingham. I am a third year studying English. You will most likely find me in Portland Coffee spending too much money on their hot drinks.