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8 Male Characters We All Had Crushes On

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

We all watched, experienced and obsessed over the classic teenage rom-com movies as soon as we hit puberty. With these rom-coms comes a whole new world: fictional crushes. Male romantic leads made their way into our young and naïve hearts, making us believe that any possible love interests in our own lives would stand outside our windows playing soppy music. It’s all a lie, but the more we watched, the longer and longer our fictional crushes list became. I’m pretty sure this list covers them all…

1. Chad Michael Murray

From stealing our hearts in A Cinderella Story to pulling off the first ever man bun in Freaky Friday, the man can do no wrong. As a result, everyone expected guys to look like this in high school; clearly this was not an accurate representation.

2. Shane West

Yes, Shane I do love you. The typical storyline of bad boy and good girl getting together may seem overdone, but with Shane it becomes a heavenly piece of work sent to make all men seem inferior in comparison. Also he’s gorgeous which makes it easy to watch.

3. Leonardo Di Caprio

Love at first sight seemed 100% real after witnessing the fish tank scene with Claire Danes. I’m sure there are people who have tried to catch eyes with their crush through a fishbowl believing that if Di Caprio can do it…so can I!

4. Heath Ledger

With his Australian accent and impressive singing skills he introduced teenage girls to a world in which if a guy takes a bet to take you out on a date…then that’s the guy for you.

5. Channing Tatum

Tatum has the ability to make any girl laugh and cry at his beauty, which when combined makes for a lethal crush. But it can also equal a soul-crushing heartbreak once you realise that he’s married… and annoyingly his wife is amazing too.

6. Ryan Gosling

Ryan delivers one of the most well known lines in any romantic movie in existence, a line that has led girls across the world to fall in love with him over and over again. It makes you wonder whether you should have kissed that Tesco worker from that messy night out because his letter writing skills could be badass.

7. Zac Efron

Once this man’s singing abilities and amazing haircut were broadcast to the world no girl could resist (despite the fact that he never did any of his own singing which may be the reason for the fuck boy phenomenon).

8. Prince Eric

Ok I know this may seem weird but hear me out. Disney movies produce some of the hottest men on planet earth; it’s just unfortunate that they are all animated. If someone out there told me that they’ve never found a Disney character attractive, then I’d wonder what movies they’ve been watching.

Fictional crushes are a national epidemic and it is a love that can never be fulfilled. But don’t fear there are ways to overcome this problem, the main one being growing up and realising that real men do exist. Whatever you do though, don’t watch The Little Mermaid repeatedly, because animated crushes are the worst of the lot.


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My name is Leah Hemmings and I've just returned from a year abroad in America and I'm about to start my final year in History and American Studies at the University of Nottingham. Even though I am in my final year, this is my first time working with Her Campus and I'm really looking forward to what is in store for me. As you can tell from my job title I mainly enjoy all things entertainment and always make sure to watch a new film everyday (primarily because I get to veg out while watching them). At the same time I make sure to keep updated on anything new coming out in case its really juicy and worth a watch. Having the opportunity to write about something I love and enjoy and being able to share it with other entertainment lovers gets me excited about what I'm writing even more. Alongside watching films I love a good read and obviously writing as well as a nice nap here and there. I look forward to finishing my year at Nottingham with Her Campus and can't wait to share some of my blog pieces with everyone.
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