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7 Free Date Ideas for Broke Student Couples

Are you a bit short on money at this point in the term? Still want to go on dates with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Try these free date ideas for a fun day out (or in!)

1)    Dress up and go on tours of expensive houses.

There’s nothing more fun than pretending to be posh turning your nose up at ridiculously expensive and extravagant houses – especially as broke students couldn’t be more polar opposites. Visit the amazing houses on Castle Boulevard, you might even get a free glass of Champagne out of it!

Try a “No darling, this chandelier contrasts with the ambience of the bathroom décor… This house shan’t do”

2)    Make a blanket fort and have a movie marathon.

Build a fort with blankets and duvets, adding fairy lights for romantic effect. Make your own popcorn or snacks and cuddle up while you spend your whole day pigging out and watching films in your pjs.

3)    Have a ‘Chopped’ competition

Challenge your date to make the best meal that they can from whatever they have in their fridge/cupboard. The loser has to complete a dare chosen by the winner.

4)    Wollaton Park

Name the ducks in Wollaton Park, and then try and remember which one is which.

5)    Try Geocaching! 


6)    Free sample shopping.

Go into the Victoria Centre and see who can get the most free samples. Once again, the winner picks the loser’s dare. 

7)    Make a scavenger hunt for your bf/gf around Nottingham.

Hide clues in all of the places significant to your relationship such as where you had your first date. Then at the final destination, leave a little present or a card. 

Edited by Caroline Chan

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