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50 Ways Friends Would Be Different If It Was Set Today

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.
  1. Monica would have accidentally sent a dirty Snapchat to Rachel instead of being caught on the phone with Chandler
  2. Rachel would have had Ombre hair and dressed from designer stores such as Zara and Topshop whilst Phoebe would have been into thrift store clothes
  1. In ‘The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding’ Rachel would have sung Taylor Swift’s ‘We are never ever getting back together’ instead of ‘Copacabana’
  1. In “The One Where Chandler Can’t Remember Which Sister” Chandler would just add Mary-Angela on Facebook and dump her by inbox
  1. Monica would have found Richard on Tinder
  1. In “The One with the Dollhouse” Monica would have been mad that Phoebe’s dollhouse got more Instagram likes than her one
  1. Monica would have lived for people liking her pictures of food on Instagram and would have had a wedding Pinterest
  1. In “The One with the Ballroom Dancing” Joey would have taken Trigger clubbing and been the ultimate wingman
  1. In “The One with Joey’s Bag” Joey would have gotten an earring not a bag
  1. In “The One Where Ross Can’t Flirt” Ross would have gotten shot down on Tinder every single time until Rachel messaged the women for him
  1. In “The One with the Apothecary Table” Phoebe would be furious with Rachel for getting all their one of a kind living room future from Urban Outfitters
  1. Ross and Rachel would have terminated the relationship on Facebook and it would have been clear that they WERE ON A BREAK!
  1. Monica would have told Rachel: you went to a high school where you had a 1000 friends on Facebook and I went to one where I only had 5 followers on Instagram and I followed all the foodporn group.
  1. Monica would have known her friend Will (Brad Pitt!) from high school had gotten thin because of Facebook
  1. Ross and Will would have had a Facebook group called ‘I hate Rachel’ on Facebook and the privacy would be set to ‘secret group’
  1. In “The One Where Ross Dates a Student” Ross would have embarrassed his student girlfriend Elizabeth by tweeting her dinosaur facts and writing private messages on her wall
  1. Ross’ Twitter name would have been ‘DinosaurDude’
  1. Rachel would have expected follow backs from all of Joey’s co-stars on Twitter
  1. Joey would have made a nude snapchat story
  1. Phoebe would have thought iphones were totally mainstream and a way for the government to track her but then she’d have caved and gotten one
  1. Joey would have played Christian in 50 shades of grey and Rachel would have dreamt about the two of them rehearsing it.
  1. Chandler would have a Fantasy Football team and Monica would take it over
  1. Joey would have thought Putin was the name of a new club
  1. Janice would have Google mapped ’15 Yemen street, Yemen’
  1. Ross would have taken his keyboard and ‘music’ onto America’s got Talent
  1. Ross would have tweeted Rachel to not get on the plane
  1. Gunther would like all of Rachel’s Instagram pictures
  1. Joey would accidentally send a dirty snapchat to Rachel’s mum and she’d take a screenshot
  1. Chandler would be on match.com and have tons of messages from gay men
  1. Phoebe would be sad about never going to prom – she would supervise Ben and she and Joey would end up being Prom King and Queen.
  1. Joey would have auditioned for Chuck in Gossip Girl
  1. After their break up Richard would have poked Monica on Facebook and freaked her out – is it an old poke!? I don’t know!
  1. The gang would have made a Harlem Shake video
  1. Phoebe would have tried to make it big on Youtube
  1. Rachel would play ‘Baby got Back’ to Emma on Spotify
  1. In ‘The One with Monica’s Thunder” Rachel would have stolen Monica’s thunder by changing her profile pic and getting more likes than Monica’s engagement status
  1. In ‘The One With The Creepy Holiday Card’ Mona would have asked Ross to send a Christmas email together
  1. Joey would have lied about his singing abilities to be on Glee
  1. Rachel would do Hatha Yoga and Phoebe would embarrass her in the class “come on it’s fun!!”
  1. Chandler’s co-workers would have unfollowed him on Twitter when he became the boss
  1. Janice would go viral with a vine of her saying ‘Oh My God’
  1. In ‘The One Where No One’s Ready’ Ross would get mad at the group for updating their Facebook statuses when they’re late
  1. The gang would have played poker online
  1. Ross and Joey would have gotten matched with Chandler’s mum on Tinder
  1. Monica would have been in a relationship with Chip Matthews on Facebook to show off to her old classmates
  1. Monica would have met the fake Monica at a sushi bar whilst using Groupon
  1. Chandler would have had a blog called ‘The World According to Chandler’
  1. Ross and Chandler would have been cyberbullied during high school
  1. The gang would look back at old photos on Facebook
  1. Rachel would be played by Cara Delevingne, Phoebe by Elle Fanning, Monica by Ariel Winter, Chandler by Andrew Garfield, Joey by Jesse Williams and Ross by Penn Badgley

Edited by Ili Mustafa