5 Rom-Coms You Will Actually Want to Watch

Valentine’s Day is here, and for many people around the world this will bring about awful Romantic Comedies. This year, spice it up a bit, don’t make your better half sit through yet another Hugh Grant flick or The Notebook – please.


Two Night Stand

Miles Teller, that guy who just did War Dogs with Jonah Hill, is paired with Analeigh Tipton (Crazy, Stupid, Love.) and they are essentially trapped in an ongoing one-night stand due to a snowstorm. It’s intense, funny, and is VERY real about sex and relationships. It didn’t do amazingly at the box office, but it's a super good watch, and even Kid Cudi is in it if that helps persuade you!



This one is very niche. It is on this list as it has a unique concept – If there was a timer counting down to when you met your soul mate, would you want to know? It has great twists, however it is a bit cheesy compared to the rest, but hey sometimes you need some mature cheddar in your life.


The Way, Way Back

This one takes the teen romance genre, and makes you watch how awkward it can be when you are terrible at dating, we’ve all been there. That's just one part of this film, it features horrendous and cringe-worthy parenting, comedy, and a genuine hatred for Steve Carell, sorry if you like The Office. It will make you laugh, make you angry, and will probably make you cry – enjoy!


Its Kind of a Funny Story

If you’re a fan of Zach Galifianakis and want to see something different other than boy meets girl? This one has mental illness; not glorified, not romanticised, but depicted accurately and shows how life can get better. Although tackling depression, this isn’t the films main selling point and it's enjoyable to watch, and will make you want to watch The Hangover all over again.


Moonrise Kingdom

This list is ending on a weird note. Moonrise Kingdom is a Wes Anderson film, and he always delivers weird on a plate with 2 extra courses of bizarre. Its cast sees Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray and Edward Norton support/hinder a teenage love story about running away and discovering some young romance. It’s cute, strange and definitely something different! This film won’t be everyone’s thing, but it could well be yours.

Edited by Nicole Swain

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