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5 Make-up Trends To Look Out For This Year

As the cold fades away, we’re all swapping our hoodies for t-shirts. And since you’re giving your wardrobe an update, why not do the same for your beauty regime? Here are our picks of the best make-up trends emerging in 2018:

1. Bold Eyeliner

Gone are the days of subtle lines and slight flicks. The darker and thicker your eyeliner, the better. You can also add dramatic wings or graphic shapes to accentuate your eyes further.


2. Glitter and Glow

With the super illuminated look being all the rage right now, you do not want to be sparing with the highlighter, especially if it’s in gold. And while you might have thought you left rhinestones and sequins way back in secondary school, they’ve actually made a significant comeback on runways!


3. Mermaid Eyes

Gradient eyeshadows in shiny blues and greens are great for adding a hint of ethereality to your everyday make-up. You can complete the look with a bold blue liner for a pop of colour.


4. Metallic Lips

Both subtle and bold versions of metallic make-up are in this year. You can simply wear some clear lip-gloss over your go-to lipstick, or go all out and splurge on a new frosted lipstick.  Rose gold and berry are our favourite shades!


5. Tousled Brows

If, like me, you have super thick eyebrows that stick out all the time, then you’re in luck! Models have recently been rocking this quirky brow look. If you’ve been blessed with neat eyebrows, you can still achieve the look by gently brushing up the hairs on the upper part of your brows.


Edited by Tia Ralhan


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