5 Genuinely Funny Twitter Celebs You Need to Be Following

Have you ever wanted to see the funnier side of celebrities? Twitter is the perfect place to do so! Often uncensored, celebrities use Twitter to express their views and, sometimes, they surprise their fans with some great, witty tweets that make you want to be friends with them even more. Here are the top five celebrities you need to be following: 

Lily Allen

She doesn’t take anything from anyone. She is firm with her political views and isn’t afraid to say things we are all thinking. Why is she funny? Because she will make a lot of racists and bigots look ridiculously stupid.

James Blunt

Living up to his name, Mr. Blunt is quickly becoming my favourite Tweeter due to his career-ruining shutdowns of anyone who thinks they’re Twitter’s next biggest comedian. His self-depreciating style of humour is also beautiful to read when your day isn’t going so well.

Ryan Reynolds

Quite possibly one of the best men to currently grace the planet, Ryan Reynolds brings his sass and deep dark humour to Twitter with extra Deadpool-ey weirdness - and he’s a great Dad and shows off his adorable family!

Anna Kendrick

Behind the scenes on films she’s currently working on and general quirkiness from her day to day life is what you will get. Her tweets are relatable and it’s Anna Kendrick so why are you not following her already?

J.K. Rowling

Sometimes in collaboration with Lily Allen, the famous author is more than happy to eloquently prove you wrong and make you look a complete tit to the whole of the internet. No wands and wizards when you’ve got 10 million followers and a IDGAF attitude.

Edited by Jess Shelton