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5 Easy & Quick Halloween DIYs

Where’s the fun in buying Halloween decorations when you can get crafty with your friends and family? Halloween is now almost upon us, so as well as getting to dress up and eat lots of sweets, there’s no reason why you can’t glam up your house with some spooky decorations for the season!

Here are 5 cheap Halloween decorations you can make:


1. Spider Sacks

These spider sacks are cool to hang on your lamp shades or anywhere from your ceiling. Giving you a creepy vibe, this decoration is fun to display to show off your art skills and creativity to your friends.

What you need:

– Yarn

– Balloons

– PVA Glue

– Plastic Spiders (Or cut out your own spiders with black paper)

– Scissors



2. Trash Bag Spider-Webs

This thrifty decoration probably requires the least amount of effort and you don’t need to buy anything new! These can be put anywhere in your house and would look really cool against your window as they’ll give you a cool silhouette.

What you need:

– Black Trash bag

– Scissors

– Tape



3. Ghost Garland

This fun and easy garland of ghosts is a great decoration for parties. You can either create a paper chain or even just string, and with any length these can be hung across the room or against a wall. There’s no need to follow this design exactly – you can be as creative as you want and maybe even do your own Halloween icons!

What you need:

– Pencil and Ruler

– Black, Orange, and White Paper

– Marker

– Glue

– Scissors



4. Wall of Bats

This minimalist decoration is great for your walls. If you’re going for a more simple and effortless idea, this ornament basically only includes you having to cut things out. If you don’t want to put them on your wall you can still place them flat against a window to give a silhouette.

What you need:

– Black Card Stock

– Pen or Pencil

– Bat Template

– Scissors

– Tape or Blu Tack




5. Toilet Paper Mummies

These can be display as a garland with a string through them or place them anywhere on a counter top. Put a few in the corner of your kitchen table to create a mini mummy army or have them hidden in random places within your house!

What you need:

– Toilet Paper Rolls

– Toilet or Tissue Paper

– Googly eyes (or a marker)

– Glue



However, if you’re really not up for this arts and crafts stuff, you can just buy a pumpkin from your closest supermarket and with a permanent marker, draw any kind of goofy face on it!

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