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4 Makeup Looks For Every Festive Occasion

The most wonderful time of the year is fast approaching! For my fellow make-up lovers, Christmas is synonymous with red lips and all things glitter. However with all of the different celebrations happening around the Christmas period, it can often be stressful to choose which makeup look to go for when getting ready in a rush. We’ve put together a few ideas so you’re ready to go for every festive event!


Christmas Day

Is there anything more satisfying than using all of your new make-up when getting ready on Christmas morning? Christmas Day is definitely time to create the classic red lip look. To balance things out, keep the eyes more natural with a wash of a champagne or gold shade (like ‘silk teddy’ from the Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette).

For a new twist on the classic red, try a metallic red liquid lip like this one from NYX for extra festivity. This product does not budge either so is perfect for scoffing Christmas dinner.


Christmas Party

To inject some festive sparkle into your go-to party look, its time to get that glitter eyeliner out from your early teenage years (yes, you read that correctly)! I’m not saying wear it as a cat-eye with Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse like you did used to, but adding it to the corner of your eyes really opens them up and makes them pop. 

You could also wear it as an alternative to liquid eyeliner for a subtle look. For those that have mastered the cut crease, a line of glitter over the cut is another beautifully sparkly alternative.

Remember to use a foundation without SPF and avoid powders with Titanium Oxide or Zinc Oxide in their ingredients to avoid the dreaded flashback when using flash photography.


New Years Eve

If there’s any day of the year where you’re allowed to turn in to a walking disco ball, it’s New Years Eve. Once you’ve applied your base eye shadow to the lid and allowed it to set, dampen a brush with make-up setting spray to apply glitter to the centre of the lid.

For an easy instant-glitter option, try Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter and Glow eye shadow. Add false eyelashes for extra drama and keep the lips more neutral to ensure that your eyes are the main focus.

Hide the Hangover

It’s likely that over the Christmas period you are going to indulge in a few too many late nights, mince pies and glasses of prosecco. These can all leave us looking tired and not our best, which can be a struggle when you have yet another occasion lined up!

To wake yourself up, add a little more blush than usual for a healthy glow, use a neutral or white eyeliner in your waterline to open the eyes, and opt for a bold lip to take the attention away from your tired eyes.


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