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3 Ideas For Holidays That Won’t Break the Bank

As exam season is drawing to an end (thankfully!) and summer begins, you may start thinking about how to spend your 3 and a half months of freedom. Whether it is a trip with a group of friends or a romantic holiday for two, these 3 ideas are bound to ensure that you have an amazing trip without breaking the bank!

  1. European City Break: With low budget airlines offering cheap flights from most UK airports, European cities are a great idea for a get-away. Prague, Berlin and Barcelona are all great destinations. A firm favourite is the city of Budapest in Hungary. Budapest is beautifully rich in its history, and has so much to offer visitors. You can go for a dip in the Budapest Baths, natural spring baths or experience traditional Hungarian cuisine and Central Market Hall. At night, the city comes alive. It is rife with Ruin pubs, pubs set up in formerly abandoned buildings, or just temporary set ups, which have a great atmosphere. Furthermore, Budapest is extremely affordable. The Budapest Bubble is a quaint hostel which you can stay in for just £18 a night! So visit some of the nearby cities of Europe to absorb culture, catch some sun and have a great holiday.
  2. Hitchhiking: This traditional student travel technique is brilliant for saving money. Not only will you not need to spend a penny on transport, but hitchhiking brings many more advantages. You will meet loads of new, diverse people along the way. Also, the spontaneity means that your location will be unknown. You could make it as far as Morocco! A brilliant idea for a small group or 2 or 3, hitchhiking is bound to be an unforgettable experience which will give you a huge amount of hilarious antidotes.
  3. English Coast: England has beautiful beaches and despite the poor summer weather we tend to get, an English beach holiday can be brilliantly fun. Why not try the beautiful beaches of Norfolk and Suffolk or the party beaches of Cornwall and Devon. Many beaches have nearby camp sites which won’t set you back too far at all. B&Bs are another alternative for cheap accommodation for those of you who cannot stomach a week of camping!
I'm a second year student at the University of Nottingham studying History and American Studies.
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