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10 Reasons Why You Should Come to our Fashion Show

Friends of mine, as well as acquaintances, tutors, strangers and my neighbour’s cat, are aware that over the last few months, myself and a wonderful team have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into organising the UoN Fashion Society’s annual fashion show (in association with Her Campus Nottingham and CoppaFeel).  Of course, we would say it’ll be brilliant, so here are ten purely objective, honest reasons as to why you should be at the Lacehouse on May 1st

1. It’s for charity

Of course, first and foremost, the aims of the fashion show are to raise money for charity. This year, we’re raising money for Nottingham’s own CoppaFeel, a breast cancer charity who are ‘on a mission to stamp out late detection of breast cancer’ by raising awareness of symptoms and signs some may miss. All proceeds from the event go straight to charity, so as well as having an amazing night, you’ll also have the warm, fuzzy feeling you get for doing a good deed.


2.  Tickets include entry to Lacehouse’s Gold Teeth night

As well as the entry to the fashion show, tickets to our event also include entry to the Lacehouse’s famous Gold Teeth event, usually worth £5. This night is donning a ‘New York State of Mind’ theme – expect music from Hip-Hop heavyweights Jay-Z, Biggie and 50 Cent to name a few.


3. It’s on a bank holiday weekend

So what better excuse is there to ditch deadlines and revision for the night and do something a bit different?



Unlike your weekly dip in the Ocean, or the semesterly Gin and Juice, our fashion show happens once and once only for the entire year.  Blink and you’ll miss it.  


5. Discounted cocktails

Because drinking cocktails is oh so sweeter when they’re cheaper. After all those long slogs in Hallward over Easter, you deserve a treat.

6. We have a photo booth

Because no night worth going to without a photo booth moment with your friends.

7. Society performances

This event is more than just a fashion show. Other societies have got in on the act, featuring performances from the lovely Flair Soc and Musicality, giving you a bit more bang for your buck.


8. Prize draw

And we aren’t talking about some sort of crappy little tombola here, these prizes are actually worth winning, featuring goods from ASOS, Boux Avenue, club tickets, not to mention a £25 gift card from Five guys… you’ve got to be in it to win it on May 1st.


9. Fooooooooood

As a student I can honestly endorse the view that no event is worth the hassle unless it serves some sort of nibbles. BarBurrito will be at the Lacehouse on May 1st


10. My own peace of mind

The last few weeks have been incredibly stressful, exhausting, nauseating, mentally challenging (then again, I am a lowly English student with no exams and who opted out of doing a dissertation, so perhaps I don’t know what real stress is), and I’ve spent the most of it screaming internally. My team have worked so hard in organising all of this, and done so well for putting up with myself in a permanently pissed off state, so to put all of our fairly fragile minds at ease, make sure you’re at the Lacehouse on May 1st.


Tickets available here!

Join the Facebook event!


Image courtesy of The Lacehouse

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