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10 films for when leaving the sofa is just too much (from someone who has watched 99% of all movies on Netflix)

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Nottingham chapter.

FLIPPED (2010)

Starting off with possibly one of the sweetest movies of all time, Flipped is sure to have everyone aweing by the time the start credits have started rolling. Telling the love story of two eighth-graders from opposite worlds, Flipped is the epitome of a girls-night-in movie, as it tells the story of infatuation, jealousy and fate only seen in first loves.


Possibly in my top 10 movies of all time, and with a 72% rating on rotten tomatoes, Dirty Dancing remains a cult favourite ever since its release in the 80s. Set at a beautiful holiday resort, with controlling parents and an incredible soundtrack, it’s no surprise some scenes from the film have even trended on TikTok, showing just how iconic every second of it is. The chemistry between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey is also just immaculate. 


I am almost certain no one on this continent has not heard of The Hunger Games. Set in a dystopian post-apocalyptic world, the United States has been divided into twelve ‘districts’ along with the wealthy capital, each of which every year must send two children between ages 12-18 to their deaths. The creativity of the plot and all of its twists is unmatched, and I can speak for the whole 2000-2004 generation of young girls when I say Katniss Everdeen was (and still is) my icon. 

With an additional three movies coming out equally as brilliant, the saga is extremely bingeable and has now been entirely added to Netflix. What’s not to love?

TITANIC (1958)

Everybody wants a love like Jack and Rose’s. Having watched this movie likely almost one hundred times since my childhood, the Titanic never disappoints. After every re-watch James Cameron continues to amaze me with all of the feels, both thrilling and heart-breaking (as everyone knows). Coming in at three hours and sixteen minutes long it also provides the duration for a long night in, all wrapped up and cosy while you soak up the view of Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen with tears streaming down your face.


As someone who almost physically ran to the cinema on release day for this movie on boxing day 2016, Little Women never fails to make me feel as though everything is good in the world and I am experiencing the lives of Jo and Amy March with them. There has been much discourse over earlier versions of the novel adaptation being better, however, the work of Greta Gerwig, Saoirse Ronan, Florence Pugh, Timothe Chalamet and more makes this an unmissable watch. You’ll be transported on a rollercoaster of feels and emotions throughout as you experience the lives of these Little Women, but it’s guaranteed to automatically become one of your all-time favourites.


A feature from Audrey Hepburn of course had to make this list, and Roman Holiday is one for the history books. Reciting the story of Princess Ann, who is unhappy on a goodwill tour of Europe due to her dissatisfaction with her lack of freedom, and Joe Bradley, an American News reporter equally dissatisfied with his job; the love story writes itself. Although black-and-white films are not everyone’s cup of tea, Roman Holiday does everything right and is guaranteed to have everyone watching in awe.


Any movie starring Health Ledger is a movie worth watching, and 10 Things I Hate About You takes the cake. Based (loosely) on Shakespeare’s ‘The taming of the shrew’ – the romcom strays from traditional tropes and romantic stereotypes, while remaining just the right level of sappy and hilarious – making it near flawless. If you want to see Julia Stiles star as an angsty feminist teen, Joseph-Gordon Levitt pining over Bianca Stratford and Health Ledger performing a heartfelt public melody to Kat Stratford this movie is for you. It’s guaranteed to be on your ‘to-rewatch’ list until the end of time.

THE PURGE (2013)

Not one for the easily squeamish, The Purge is a cult classic horror. In an alternative future USA, The Purge is set in a time where one day a year all crime is legalised; even murder. The first film tells the story of a wealthy family who falls into trouble when they let a homeless man, the target of a group of purgers, into their house – guaranteeing an unforgettable night. 

The sequels are arguably even better than the first, with election year (#3) being a near-accurate representation of dystopian-futuristic American politics if we continue on the path we are going. The whole saga is guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat, yet engrossed the entire time. 


The perfect combination of humour and horror, Ready or Not is guaranteed to have even the anti-horror warriors wondering what happens next. Staring the incredible Samara Weaving, Andie MacDowell and Adam Brody, the film tells the story of a family who at their wedding ceremonies play a seemingly innocent game, which turns out to be more than anyone could ever imagine. I won’t spoil too much, but the bloody and sinister twists are ensured to make you want to say “good for her”. 


This list would be incomplete without at least one British cult classic, and Wild Child is mine, and I am sure many others, top choice. It feels like watching Poppy Moore wreak havoc at an English boarding school will never get boring, which is what makes Wild Child such a good night-in pick. If you love seeing female friendships bloom, awful dancing, hair dye and silly drama, Wild Child is the one for you. 

Ashleigh Sidney

Nottingham '25

Politics and International Relations Student at UoN, so excited to write for HerCampus ♥