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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

Anyone who has met me can tell you that I talk a lot. I can talk to my friends, strangers in line or even a rock for probably way longer than I should. My love of “socializing,” AKA hearing myself speak, puts me in the category of the extroverts of this world. I agree that I definitely fall on the social side of things, yet I would like to point out that extroverts like myself get tired and sometimes decide to hole up in their room due to overstimulation and plain exhaustion.

I get worried that I seem rude or mean when I decide to choose sleep/TV over my wonderful friends or going out. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing these things, it’s just that sometimes I need to decompress and recharge before I can go back to being my bubbly self. I’ve been realizing this more recently in my junior year. During all of my first year of college and for most of my second, I was definitely a “yes” kind of girl. Wanna go get food with me? Yes! Want to go hang out with the guy friends? Sure! Let’s go to the party? I’m down. But after almost two years of always saying yes to being around people, I’ve learned that sometimes it’s valuable to spend time alone. 

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I think we’re all worried about not being a “yes” sort of person because our time here is so limited. We stress about not living our lives to the fullest during our four years in college so we wear ourselves down attempting to check all of the boxes. This is WONDERFUL, don’t get me wrong. I really do want to get everything out of my college experience; HOWEVER, I have come to understand that to fully enjoy these special times I need some dang rest. 

So basically, this article is for anyone and everyone worried that the night they spent last weekend watching Netflix alone was a waste. IT WAS NOT! Sometimes we need a break from everything and everyone. Your mental and physical health should be a priority, and while I know we usually forget this, it’s time to remember and cut yourself some slack. Yes, we only go to college as an undergrad student once, but don’t stretch yourself too thin. Take time to relax after a crazy week or bad day, eat junk food and binge watch TV, get some dang sleep and don’t feel bad about it—you deserve it and you’re NOT being lame!

Laine Davison

Notre Dame '21

Currently a student at the University of Notre Dame dual majoring in Television and English!