Women's Weekend Must-Dos

This weekend was Badin’s “Women's Weekend,” so I got to spend time with my Mom and share some of my favorite things about ND/South Bend with her.  Even though my hometown is only a couple hours away, I don’t go home or see my family much. That being said, this weekend was a special chance to bond with my mom and a great way to escape the everyday stressors of college life.  

One of my favorite South Bend restaurants is Chicory Café, and it’s the perfect place to bring guests who want to experience the city surrounding campus. I can’t tell if the beignets, coffee, or local vibes are my favorite part. I’m so glad I got to bring my mom for brunch!



As beautiful as our campus is, even just walking around University Park Mall and shopping with my mom for a couple hours was a refreshing change of scenery. The bookworm in me could spend hours in Barnes & Noble without even realizing it.

This weekend was also a great chance to get to know my friends’ moms! Our hall had an opening reception with flowers, cookies and great conversations. You can get to know people so much better by learning about their backgrounds, so it was fun to chat with the people who mean so much to my best friends.

If one of your family members is ever in town, here are some other places to check out:

  1. Aly on the Boulevard

My hometown has a great antique mall, so I set out to find a comparable one when I came to ND. This shop has cute jewelry and clothes for any girls’ outing that may be coming up!

  1. South Bend Farmer’s Market

Instead of just once a week, this Farmer’s Market is open three days! Check it out on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings. Their baked goods are hard to beat, and I love their flowers during warmer months!

  1. Rocco’s

Rocco’s is a classic South Bend restaurant that is perfect for families. Some of my other favorite places to eat are Evil Czech, Core Life (for healthier options), and Corndance Tavern.

  1. Main Building/LaFun

Though this seems like a given, don’t forget to snap a couple photos in front of the Golden Dome and stop by LaFun to show your guests a typical day in the life at ND.

  1. Morris Performing Arts Center

If you know your guests’ travel plans well in advance, try checking out a show at the Morris Performing Arts Center! The traveling Broadway installments are my personal favorite. Examples of shows that have toured to the Morris Performing Arts Center are Les Miserables and The Lion King.

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