Why You Need Tay Swift in Your Life

We all have that one person in our life. That one human who may not know a lot of things (like how to deposit a check, mail a package or correctly make oatmeal), but knows without a doubt and with one hundred percent certainty that Taylor Swift is the bane of their existence.

For me, that person is my best friend of nearly ten years (who may or may not exactly fit the above description, oatmeal and all), and if you think that spending a decade of your life arguing with a Swiftie hater doesn’t get tiring, then you’re dead wrong. Especially, when you consider the fact that I’ve been riding with T-Swizzle since she had curls bigger than her love for Tim McGraw.

However, these ten long years of attempting to convince my so-called bestie that Taylor Swift is in fact not a sign that the apocalypse is coming, has allowed me accumulate a list of reasons why anyone’s anti-Swift life is in need of some rehabilitation.

1. Country T-Swift

Just a girl and her guitar. And her hair.

You’re trying to deny that you know all the words to “Our Song” right now, but you actually can’t.

2. Despite the fact that our love lives at the time were limited to heavily chaperoned middle school dances, we totally related to all of Taylor’s boy problems and we haven’t stopped since

Crying to “Teardrops On My Guitar” happened on more than one occasion.

3. Then Fearless Tay-Tay came on the scene    

I could argue with the haters about the perfection that is this album and its social significance or I could just simply type the phrase: “Grammy for Album of the Year.”

4. “Fifteen” was pretty much proof that Taylor had a direct line to our hearts

Just in time for freshman year. Thanks, Tay.

5. “Why can’t you SEE, you belong with ME”

Why did he bring the note to the dance? He didn’t know she was coming? Don’t care, though, still the song of the decade.

6. How can you even act like writing songs about your exes is a problem when there are songs like “Love Story” in this world?

You physically can’t.

7. After Speak Now and Red people were like “ok, now she’s crazy and a sell-out”

But true Swifties love all of Taylor’s sounds and know that no matter her genre, she’s always going to connect with us on a personal, lyrical level.

9. Then came the masterpiece that is 1989

Even Tay was in awe.

10. “Shake It Off” and “Blank Space” pretty much sum up Taylor's amazing ability to make fun of herself

You can try and act like you hate her jamming out at all the awards shows, but you know it's better than all those other celebrities that act like watching Beyoncé perform front row is just an everyday thing.

11. Her new bob

T-Swizzle's hair has gone through just as much of a transformation as she has and we are so not complaining.

Never hide it.

12. Her newfound feminism

I don't really need to explain why this is awesome, right? 

13. Her inexplicable Taylor-ness

Taylor holds private concerts for her sick fans, responds with lengthy comments on her diehards’ Instagrams and has bought food for her waiting Swifties on more than one occasion.

You get it, Tay.

Anti-Swifties will always exist, but the fact of the matter is that life is way to short to pretend to hate Taylor Swift. She's heading a revolution and you're pretty much going to be the last person left on this Earth who complains when "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" comes on. So, save us all a lot of time, and just embrace the Swift-ness.

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