Why Tom Holland is the BEST Spider-Man

Don’t get me wrong, I love each and every Spider-Man there has ever been, but clearly there’s a winner. If you didn’t read the title, I’ll scream it out for you: TOM HOLLAND IS THE GREATEST SPIDER-MAN TO EVER LIVE. This is objective stuff right here.

  1. 1. He looks the part

    Peter Parker is a high school kid who just wants to go to school, meet girls, but also fight neighborhood crime. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are fabulous actors, but the faces just don’t match the character — they look too old! Holland is youthful, quirky, and spunky, just like we’d expect our neighborhood Spider-Man to be.

  2. 2. Stunt man

    Very few celebrities do their own stunts these days. It’s truly mind-boggling that not only can Tom Holland dance, act and be the greatest Spider-Man, but he also does almost all his own stunts. Tom Holland is the closest thing to real-life Spider-Man as we’ll ever get with his mid-air flips and bouncing off the walls.

  3. 3. #Relatable

    The Spider-Man that we see on screen these days is vulnerable and naive – he makes mistakes and he has lots of room to grow. Whenever I think of a superhero I think of a god-like person who does no wrong and solves all ills. Tom Holland puts a unique spin on what it means to be a hero, to be brave, to not be afraid to make mistakes and to look out for your friends and family. Holland truly gives an inspiring interpretation of what it means to be heroic and is a great role model for us all. 

  4. 4. He gets the money

    Spider-Man Far From Home was the first Spider-Man movie ever to pass the $1 billion mark, as this film grossed over $1.1 billion in 2019. Fans all over the world are falling in love with the new era of Peter Parker. 

  5. 5. Have you seen his face?

    Like, wow. I don’t know what more there is to say than just sit back and simply be stunned. Holland makes you deeply concerned for his well-being as he battles villains and nearly escapes death. Who would want anything to happen to that face?

Sony and Disney are still working things out, but if they can’t I’ll just have to go down there and fix things myself because for me, there is no other Spider-Man than Tom Holland.