Why the Obsession with Stars in Fashion Needs to Stay



This past fashion season has seen an obsession with stars. From star necklaces, stars on sweaters, stars on shoes and stars on pants, stars are everywhere!

I love this trend! It feels like you are giving yourself a gold star every time you rock something with this simple yet universal symbol. Whether you earned that gold star for being a rock star at work or school that day or for being an exceptional friend or even just taking care of yourself, these stars are a way to reward yourself and match how you feel.  You are sending a reminder to yourself and the outside world that you are a star, baby! By wearing stars on whatever clothing item suits your fancy, you are telling everyone you are a star player.

As a bonus, these stars are super fashionable and on trend right now (and hopefully here to stay)!

Some of my star favorites:

  1. 1. Kendra Scott's Star Necklace

    I am in love with the start necklace from Kendra Scott! It is gorgeous and the perfect mix between making a statement and being a simple and subtle piece. Check it out here:


  2. 2. Golden Goose Hi Star Sneakers

    While a bit on the pricier side, these shoes are such a fun statement piece. I especially love the hi star style that comes with a big platform and gives you a little lift. These shoes also have an excellent range of colors and designs and variety in how worn they look. These shoes go perfectly with any pair of jeans and even skirts and dresses! Check them out here: 


  3. 3. Steve Madden Star Sneakers

    As a solid, budget-friendly alternative to the Golden Goose sneakers, Steve Madden’s star sneakers are super comfortable and stylish! Some of my favorites come with dark or colored laces. These also have variety in how worn they look. Check them out here:


  4. 4. Any Sweater or Top with Stars on It

    Close up image of sweaters and their knit material texture

    Lots of boutiques and traditional clothing stores sell pieces with star patterns on them, and I am obsessed! These items provide the perfect amount of design to spice up plain tops, but they are still easy to style outfits with.



Whatever way you choose to wear your stars, wear them knowing you yourself are a star! Keep loving yourself and others always.



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