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Where to Do Your Holiday Shopping

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Notre Dame chapter.

Believe it or not, Christmas is just around the corner. As my beloved Stark family would say, “winter is coming.” With the holiday season upon us, we have to start thinking about what gifts we are going to buy are loved ones. Or, if you’re me, you have to start thinking about the stress that is going to descend upon you on December 23rd when you’ve bought no one anything.

So, I told myself I’d be better this year and get a head start on the whole process by perusing online shopping sites and considering gifts for people while buying a lot for myself. Here are some of the best holiday shopping sites on the web.

1.    Wanelo

Have 15 hours to spare? Check out Wanelo! It is short for “Want Need Love” and it has everything you may ever want to buy online. Follow stores, check out what is trending, spend your life savings on accessories!

This is a great site if you need ideas for your sister, mom, or best friend. They have great outfit ideas and cute apartment items as well. 

2.   Etsy

Etsy is the “Things Remembered” of the digital age. Personalized kitchenware? Monogramed bags? Typography framed prints? Christmas sacks?!  Etsy’s got it.

This is a perfect shopping site for your extended family, or pretty much anyone. They have everything. I just bought a butt load of stickers from them, so it’s not limited to older family members.

3.   Brookstone

They might not appreciate this, but I also get sh*t from Brookstone for the males in my family. Whiskey stones, personal massagers, amazingly fluffy robes. Brookstone is the bees knees.

Look how freaking happy she is. 

4.   Aldo

Oh, shoes. You’ve done so much for me over the course of my life. Aldo is a treasure troth for shoes galore.. Shoes are a good gift for anyone as long as you know their size, you don’t have to mis-guess about medium or large and hurt someones feelings. Check out these: AHH! So cute, much holiday. 

So get out there and try not to buy more for yourself than others!

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