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What’s In My Closet: Summer 2018

Summer has officially arrived! No more exams. No more papers. Just the sun and some much needed fun are on the horizon! Beyond the excitement of the season itself, is the thrill of finally being able to show off your outfits full force. During the winter, bulky and poofy coats are, unfortunately, a required accessory in most parts of the United States. However, the summer brings with it warmer temperatures and more opportunities to shed the jackets and reveal the excellent sense of style you’ve been keeping hidden from the world for the past 6 months. It can be daunting in many ways. For the first few weeks, I often feel exposed and naked when parading around in my favorite go to outfits, but after a short while, the fears go away and I start to feel comfortable once again truly being myself in public. Below, I will list out all of the items I plan to stock my closet full of this summer based on the current fashion trends and some of my own quirky preferences!

One piece swimsuits!

Bikinis will always be in season, but this summer, it seems like one piece swimsuits are all the rage. As I have been browsing online, I’ve been amazed to see that most stores have more one piece options available over the classic bikini style. As someone who has looked for one pieces in the past, I’ve often found it to be a struggle to find ones that are cute and affordable. However, this year, it has been no problem! There are a range of colors and designs available at every online store I have looked at, so hopefully everyone can find one that matches their style!

All the florals!

Flower Power is totally the big pattern right now. Floral is great because it not only is bright and vibrant for the changing season, but it’s also incredibly versatile. Every item of clothing imaginable can have a floral print on it so even if dresses and skirts aren’t your thing, you can still participate in the trend!

Bold colors!

After a long and bleak winter, why not make a splash? Bright colors are flying off the shelves this season. Whether you mix and match colors together or simply wear a bright top with a more neutral bottom, doesn’t matter. What’s most important is that you let your true colors shine and feel good while doing it!  

Sheer/Lacy White dresses/wraps!

Bohemian seems to making a comeback this summer and I couldn’t be more hype! This style is perfect for a family vacation or even a walk along the beach. No matter what, I simply adore this look and can’t wait to snag a few pieces for my summer wardrobe!

So, there you have it! These are the four various prints and styles I am obsessed with this season and can’t wait to shop for. While I’m aware that many of you probably have a differing opinion to mine on the items showcased above, I hope that you took away the important message this article was attempting to portray. No matter what you wear, be confident and enjoy letting your personality shine through your sense of fashion before you have to cover it back up next winter!


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