What Your Gameday Hat Says About You

Hats off to the Fighting Irish.


What It Says About You: "The school spirit is strong in this one." -Yoda


What It Says About You: You are a ten year old child - or at least one at heart. But no, really, you are most likely a ten year old child. Remember kid, beer is icky! 


What It Says About You: SEQUINS. SPARKLES. DIVA. You're probably up in the air doing push-ups right now.  


What It Says About You: You've thrown your fair share of dorm parties and your fridge is always stocked with Nattys. Congrats, bro. 


What It Says About You: You're a planner. You're always prepared, no matter what weather South Bend throws at you: rain, sleet, snow, gale force winds, tornados, Polar Vortexes... the list goes on.


What It Says About You: Ye are a wee little one, probably around aboot 5’0 max! You studied abroad on the Emerald Isle, and you're basically the collegiate version of a twee little old man.


What It Says About You:You've probably started an Observer Viewpoint war. It didn't go well. 


What It Says About You: What are you doing tailgating?! I thought you were on the football team...


What It Says About You: Take it easy on all the Mike's Hard, ya freshman. Keep on keepin' on, and watch out for those Excise Police!


What It Says About You: This hat was passed down to you from your dad, who was on the ’88 National Championship team. Your grandfather lived in Breen-Phillips when it was a boys’ dorm, and your great-great-great uncle was Father Corby. Bravo, a toast to your ND Pedigree.


What It Says About You: The ruling on this hat stands: you just cost Notre Dame a National Championship. Thanks a lot, a*****e.


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